It Demoted Me 2 Ranks Down

I was playing Evolve as Hyde and when I lost all my XP for Silver Skill… it demoted me to Bronze Elite… not Bronze Destroyer. I’m really frustrated with this but I’m hoping TRS can fix it. Is anyone else experiencing this?

It did the same thing to me I was Silver skilled and it put me to bronze elite and completely skipped over destroyer

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It happens when you lose a match you were expected to win because your skill level was apparently higher than theirs.

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So this isn’t a bug? That seems extremely unbalanced honestly.

It’s more a problem that ranked mode was just released, so people still aren’t in the right placement. After awhile, it should get better, but it could still happen.

If you were a Gold 5 monster, and lost to Bronze 1 hunters, you could expect to lose allot of points.

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I’m sorry but that’s ridiculous honestly. So if this Bronze 1 had an Elite Goliath for example, and this Gold 5 has just got Hyde for example, if he lost he would just lose all his points? That would be extremely un balanced. And I also noticed that I’m having a harder time finding matches because of this “skill level” match making. :frowning:

Didn’t mean to sound mean or anything in this.

That’s how several ranked systems work in the end though.
They expect you to win against certain people with different skill levels, and if you don’t, they consider you worse than that lower skill level.

When you got the character, or what elites you have don’t play into it. It’s just rank vs rank.

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My Numbers are wrong, and are for demonstration purposes only

to go from bronze to silver you need above 1200 points
to go from silver to bronze you need to drop below 800 points.
(the relationship is the same for silver gold)
Destroyer means you are above the threshold for going from silver to bronze, but you need to still prove you are good enough to be in silver.

This is to prevent a person from swinging from league to league, getting wrecked by the higher matchmaking, and then going back to bronze matchmaking immediately, and being given easy opponents, then going to silver, and getting much harder matchmaking.

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Yes but I would be fine with losing a ton of XP IF it wasn’t skilled matchmaking, I just want to find people to play with :’(

It’s not entirely our fault if we lose as hunters either. I was just playing with a medic, it was his first game and he didn’t heal any of us.

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Just lost a game as a hunter and lost all my ranking points. I was Silver skilled, then I get demoted to Bronze shield. I lost more than 1600 points for a SINGLE game.

I would like to add that other hunters also lost their ranks.

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Update: I regained my Silver skilled rank when I queued for the next game.

I got knocked down over 1500 points because I was beat by a level 40 Kraken that was “determining rank” Load of crap if you ask me. Hunt 2.0 seems to be set up as if it were a brand new game with everyone starting out fresh. Obviously that isn’t the case.

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