It (2017) Thread (SPOILERS)


Ahhh, sorry. Welp that’s about what I expected.



The kids reincarnated. This movie is a sequel!


I’m starting to find the way they make trailers for horror movies, including this one, very tiresome. BOO, THIS IS SUPER SCARY! You can tell by the screaming and jump scare montage! Also, things run towards the camera! Plus every trailer picks from a selection of maybe three music tracks. Same crap every time, it’s so damn boring.

Edit: If you’re wondering why I rezzed this topic to pour vitriol into it, it’s because I saw a movie over the weekend and this trailer played before it. :stuck_out_tongue:


this is the scene when georgie encounters pennywise.


clowns have never scared me… not one bit. saw the orig when a kid and thought ok.


I just thought this was a funny title for an article


Apparently early reviews are saying that It is an amazing movie


Like this trailer, hoping i’m gonna enjoy watching it. tho i’m a bit afraid. having health issues and searching for pharmacy reviews after watchign such movies, LOL. but hopefully i’ll be fine this time.


I’ve booked the tickets and I also prepared the outfit - link here :slight_smile:
From the trailer seems to be amazing.


Nice, I’ll be wearing this.



Damn, that movie was great, pretty true too the books too, kinda wish it was a bit scarier though


So that was a super fucking good movie, i’m baffled finally a really good horror movie.

The scene where the bullies where gonna shoot the cat, this chick in the theatre was screaming NO NO NO NOOOO, I was cracking up. Poor georgie got murdered but that cat almost getting shot crossed the line.


Anyone remember how to use spoilers again to hide text? I’ve completely forgot


You can use it the easy way, when text box pops up to type, the little setting button to the far right of the other options has a built in one. Its right next to the smiley face you cant miss it


I just finished watching it about an hour and a half ago, absolutely loved it.

Just saying though, this was both creepy and hilarious:


(Ignore the useless edit)


Having read the book recently, none of it was a surprise but still a damn good movie.

Any changes seemed inconsequential or helped the story along. Looking forward to chapter 2!


Glad they didn’t add that one part of the book, that would’ve been gross / awkward huh?


The director said that he didn’t feel it was necessary (let alone impossible to film) and I agree.

Interesting part of the book, but not necessary for the plot.