It (2017) Thread (SPOILERS)


I misread this and thought it meant to say, “It’s 2017 Thread” haha

Much excite!


I have to disagree, this falls more under fiction than myth.

Myths are traditional stories, usually with religious ties (gods, heroes, legends). Fiction can be anything thought up that doesn’t actually exist.

So all Myths are fiction, but not all fictions are Myths.


Meh. I disagree but I suppose it doesn’t really matter. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well this definitely looks interesting, and much scarier than the original. Its going to be weird seeing Pennywise without Tim Curry playing him though.




I have been on a Nostalgia Critic marathon for the past week.


A new trailer was released.


I am so psyched!


Sorry for bringing this thread back from the dead, but the new it trailer is coming out this Thursday.


I am sooooooo excited!


Me neither.
It’s making the good bits from the original film and making it a movie.


An article said that Pennywise eating a child’s hand is going to be in the trailer.


Ahh it’s the sdcc trailer, then.


I mean, um I um, I don’t promote child violence.


It’s finally here



Not enough child violence in this trailer.
I mean I don’t condone child violence and anyone that does is a bad person.


I do not understand you…


not eat



Give IT time…