It (2017) Thread (SPOILERS)


Am I the only one that think this looks worse then the original? I do t like the new look and that last seen with the shaking coming out of the water looks ridiculous.




I enjoyed the book, though the movie was never as good as the book. Something tells me that this movie isn’t supposed to mirror the book at all, though.

In the original movie, the childhoods of the main characters and their first encounter with Pennywise (the best clown) weren’t as detailed as their adult lives and how they dealt with him then. I believe that this iteration is meant to tell the story of that first encounter and what it did to influence their adult lives, and make a real name entrance into horror, unlike the original did. (Of course, in its own time It was probably pretty spoopy. There’s just different standards today.)

Pennywise is going to give nightmares to an entirely new generation of people. I just really hope this movie is done well, though.


It feels like this is both a standalone and set up.
Standalone because hopefully they set it up as Pennywise can’t be killed (never read the book so I am theorycrafting) or something, but the kids do something that supposedly gives them relief from his torture.
Then if the movie does well, then a sequel can be made that goes into their adult lives and their encounters with Pennywise.


Far as we know (based on the book and original movie) he cannot.

Less about that and more about that he’s a cruel cannibalistic asshole. Not joking.

Pennywise is one of King’s few “villains” that’s actually just seemingly pointlessly evil with no clear reason.


I dunno if this is a spoiler, but I thought It feeds on terror and death in some way.


He does, it makes him stronger, and I assume it’s what makes him appear for some people and torment them. He also eats people, though. Pennywise ate a hobo (or part of a hobo) in the book, if I recall correctly, as well as Georgie’s arm.


Well he is some sort of demon so it makes sense.


Not really a demon, he’s a being from outside space and time. Think of it like a lovecraftian horror in a way. He’s a part of this big convoluted connected universe thing king has going on. Pretty interesting to read. Done a bit of digging while I try to find a physical copy of it to read.


So a powerful other wordly creature from outside space and time. A demon…


That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a demon any more than its an extra galactic entity.


Demons are not strictly religious. Just powerful otherwordly creatures which It fits the description of.


If you’re talking about Cthulhu then you should realize that he is a demon :stuck_out_tongue:


I know they’re not but by your definition an alien with abilities beyond our own and evil intentions would be considered a demon.


By the mythological standards it would. I’m glad you agree.


But I’m not referring to any mythological standards.


Well we have to go off something. It is a mythological creature created by the author.


Why is it mythological?


Because it’s a made up story. Something of myth.