Issues with Digital Download of Evolve - Xbox One


I downloaded Evolve directly off the Xbox One Marketplace back in December and have been playing it ever since, but I’ve noticed some issues with the game that get quite annoying. I’m not entirely sure if these are caused by me having the digital version of the game or if they are caused by something else, but I haven’t seen others report these issues.

The first issue is visual lag/stuttering. It doesn’t happen constantly, but if I play a solo match on the same map as a Hunter one too many times (the number of games needed for the issue to crop up is usually 2-3) I just get horrible visual lag in the game. The framerate drops and it becomes almost impossible to react to anything because of it. The lag also only really starts once there’s combat going on, if nothing is happening then everything seems fine.

The second issue is the opposite of the first in that it only affects me when I’m playing the Monster in solo mode. I don’t know if its related to how long I’ve been playing the game or how long I’ve spent on a particular map, but every now and then the game with just shut down on me and boot me to the Xbox One home screen. It does this without any warning, i.e. no prior lag, and with no consistency. It can happen whether I’m trekking across the map, eating wildlife, attacking wildlife/hunters, or even just sitting still. This is especially annoying when working on masteries, as my mastery progress doesn’t save when this occurs and I could end up losing quite a bit of progress depending on how the game is going.

The third thing I’ve noticed is texture rendering on the Monster/Hunter select screens. Oftentimes when I’m on this menu the Monsters/Hunters character models don’t render fully and they take a few seconds to right themselves. Sometimes they don’t right themselves after a few minutes and stay half-rendered on the selection screens until the match is about to start loading.

If there’s anything anyone can tell me about these problems, like if they’re known issues or if there are possible ways to alleviate them, please let me know! Thanks!


I don’t really get this anymore, but I used to when I played Assault. I don’t play Assault anymore so maybe that’s it? I don’t know.

This does happen, not sure what causes it exactly. I get it playing Rainbow 6:Siege a lot, too. It also isn’t isolated to playing Monster since I’m mainly a Hunter player.

Yeah, that’s been around for the dawn of time lol and it happens on all systems. Sometimes they also load in their “T-pose” position instead of their character pose.