Issues not addressed in turtlerocks newest update

  1. Wraith Clone is not the same as wraith when player uses prime skin

  2. Emets beacon can be place OUTSIDE dome (i said buoy at first sorry bout that)…monster can not get to it- its an exploit
    Its like saying a monster can pounce a hunter and not be interrupted…hunters must just accept that their teammate is going to die

  3. Wraith clone is destroyed immediately on mine dealing no damage…leaving wraith with only 3 abilities, all of which require the monster to take damage if players are on a mine (i.e. supernova/abduction and warp blast require you physically go to mines)…compare this to the Goliath who can eliminate mines with fire or a rock throw and take no damage, then the Goliath still has more health

if markov had only 1 mine then it would be ability eliminating ability which would be fair but markov has 3

SUGGESTION: wraith takes no damage when abducting like gorgon takes no damage when laying bugs, like bob takes no damage through tongue grab, like kraken takes no damage on any of its abilities (yet still has double the health of wraith)

  1. Wraith health was not addressed
    In the original evolve the wraith could run and evade forever therefore the health was low so that when hunters did catch the wraith the health value was fair… now the dome is automatic, theres no chance of a miss and its easy to find the monster with scanner…therefore the health MUST be increased to compensate for this change so wraith players can actually fight in domes. You’re expecting the wraith to do what kraken and Goliath do in a dome with less health and one less ability if markov is picked

A few weeks ago wraith was overpowered and therefore was banned from competition (i have no complaints there). NOW WRAITH IS UNDERPOWERED AND NOT COMPETITIVE AGAINST DECENT TEAMS and wont be picked by higher ranked monsters against any decent team


Eh? Which comp was it banned in?


I believe the weekly tournament that came after the update. Dont know if you recall but the clone duration was too long


Wraith needs a serious rework. He only has two useful abilities which are pretty much undodgeable. That is unbalanceable for different skill levels so the damage of those abilities is balanced towards a 50/50 winrate.
Sadly that means (exaggerated) 75% winrate on low tier and 25% winrate on high tier.

On the points you made:

  1. The decoy is actually not meant to be mistaken for the real one. They are even adding a health bar to the decoy. Apart from that, I agree that it would be nice if the decoy would have the skin you picked.
  2. Caira and Lazarus can also heal hunters through the dome walls pretty good. You have to push/pull the hunters away from the dome wall. I agree that Emet can exploit this pretty good. But his healing isn’t THAT good.
    I sometimes wonder if healing through the dome wall should really be possible.
  3. Yeah, Wraith does rely too much on a destroyable ability. Just like Kraken. Just like Gorgon.


Wraith was never banned.


I think this is an intended feature. There are plans to give the decoy a visible health-bar (it already has one, but it cannot be seen). Plus they recently changed the decoy skin so it looks different to even the vanilla skin (this could also be a tease for the Wraith variation :smiley: )

I think all medics can healbursts through a dome, but it can be very frustrating to deal with considering Emet uses HBs as his main healing method. While I do think it needs a look at, my advice would be to try and move the fight away from the edge of the dome.
For example, abduct from the center and if they use their jetpack to run back to the edge, well they don’t have any left to dodge.

Again the decoy does actually have a health bar. So if it walked into a mine, that was enough damage to kill the decoy outright.


Wraith was banned from the TRS Community Tournament. At that time Decoy had the bug that made it last for 30 seconds.

Source: I participated in that tourney.


Really? Wow when you think this competitive scene can’t sink any lower, you will be amazed what people are capable of.

Guess i was wrong. Sorry.


First off, it wasn’t banned for being OP, it was banned because of the Decoy duration bug. That single thing didn’t make it overpowered at all.

Secondly, the TRS community tournaments are a far cry from actual competitive games- they are casual, they’re meant for fun, and they’re nowhere near the level of players who compete in other tournaments.


Well, Laz can heal outside the dome as well. If anything, this limits the space Hunters can receive healing which makes it advantageous for the monster. Not to mention that you can lure them towards you by going to the other side of the dome, hide and armor up. Then, if any of them comes towards you to stop armoring up, hit them hard and avoid them going back to the same spot. It will force the medic to come inside the dome.

Ah yes, hard counter Markov for Wraith. Personally I only see this happen at a Relay fight. Like I explained above, profit from the fact that they stay in one place to hide and armor up when inside a dome to lure them out. Also try to surprise them and get a quick down before they are able to setup, especially if the dome just dropped (dont give them time to strategize).

Last tip, as a monster, you choose where you want to fight. Avoid areas where you had difficulty getting a down and try to go more where hunters have limited space for maneuverability or where they have to waste a lot of jetpack just to be able to follow you.


Sorry I made the mistake of saying buoy instead of beacon…buoy i dont care about…can pull that hunter away from edges the buoy isnt a problem…beacon is a whole different story

Its an unintended exploit to put a beacon outside a dome such that it cant be taken down


came here to moan about my skin giveing away my decoy nice too see its allready been done , i have a winrate of 65% with him and it is possible to pic appart harder teams i dont see him as underpowerd right now imo his hit and run is just more forced then other monsters witch to me shows some balance for his high dps . maby a minor tankyness buff if anything but he isent in a bad spot right now


Why would emet not be able to place the respawn beacon just becuz he isn’t in the dome. By this logic kala shouldn’t be able to teleport outside the dome. I remember back in legacy when me and my friends would play nest we would have trapper and medic stall the monster in the dome while support and assault went off and killed eggs. My point is that hunters should not be forced to enter the dome just so they can use certain abilities and the dome should not be a barrier that prevents abilities from functioning as intended.

If emet isn’t in the dome then the team has no medic so its free strikes all day long. I love when an emet does this becuz that means the team is desperate. Soon enough it won’t matter if emet stays out of the dome becuz the dome will come down so fast that that I can go looking for his shiny metal ass and put a stop to his nonsense


but he still can heal almost as effective when he is outside… so… not sure if that point is valid.
Especially if you have cabot or kala, you can stick to one side of the dome and still damage the monster when he disengages.


Like I’ve already pointed out in another discussion…kalas teleport pads cannot be compared to a beacon outside the dome. because one pad must be INSIDE the dome and hence can be destroyed. The beacon is invulnerable if placed outside the dome and this wasnt the purpose. TRS put a big shiny light on it to give the monster a fair chance of stopping it. I dont know if you were playing the game when emet was originally released but the beacon had no obvious light on it… it was added to give the monster a chance of stopping the respawn.

Secondly as the guy above me has stated. Heal bursts go through the dome, he doesnt have to be inside to heal hence hunters can be healed while emet is invulnerable outside and hunters can be respawned without chance of interruption


I think except for the decoy skin none of these are bugs so this thread should be in “suggestions”

That being said, I agree that decoy should be able to tank more than one mine. Wraith is already struggling hardcore, especially against mines now that they deal damage when you abduct or warp blast through them.

With EMET’s respawn beacon I disagree. It’s a viable strategy. A sneaky, underhanded strategy, but a viable tactic none the less. They trade off healing for respawning quicker.


Which is why I don’t actually understand how it’s a tactic either, because if EMET is outside, and Assault/Trapper/Support are inside, why not drag them to where EMET can’t heal, and then down two or three of them and just go happily on your way?

If they want to hurt you, they’ll have to follow. Then they’ll be in trouble xD


If EMET wants to chill outside, punish them and get some cheap strikes


I have been playing this game religiously ever since its release so yeah I was there when emet was first released. Respawn beacon has always had a huge light telling the monster where it is. I was never comparing kalas teleporters to emets beacon. They are two completely different tools with two very different rules and purposes behind them. What I was comparing is your logic for not allowing emet to place the respawn beacon outside a dome. There is no reason emet shouldnt be able to use the respawn beacon outside of a dome. Its one of the only ways it has a chance of actually working against an attentive monster. your saying that its a bug that it can be used outside of a dome, when that simply isn’t the case. The respawn beacon is working exactly as intended, the way its always been intended to work.

It sounds to me like you refuse to change your mind about this so ill just stop and leave you to wallow in your false understanding of a game mechanic. Good luck learning how beat an emet that can’t heal his team very well


No mate its you who wont see reason. the light is to indicate where the beacon is- not for decoration…why would you put a light on something to indicate where it is but give the monster zero chance of destroying it…its an exploit. It was you who brought up the comparison between kalas teleporting outside the dome and emets beacon which I picked apart making the point that kalas teleports can be destroyed within the dome preventing her and her team from teleporting away…your argument has been weakened and thus the conclusion weakened.

By your logic we should allow emet to stack three beacons outside the dome and have the hunters make an effort to keep running back to that point where they can get healing…the buoys cannot be destroyed and if a hunter dies then the beacon can respawn them in quick time-all the wile the medic is invulnerable.

In essence with Emet there is no need for the medic to enter the dome, certainly not how the game was meant to be played dont talk to me in a condescending tone about game mechanics when your argument lacks substance.