Issues needed to be addressed with PS4 ESL tournament

I’m a big fan of Evolve, and playing as trapper for DNB on ESL on PS4. I love the game and it’s the only game that I have to play at least 1 hour/ day, no matter how buggy it is I still find fun in it everyday. But after I joined ESL, I can’t find the fun or the passion to play it anymore.

There are several people trying to cheat and exploit the game every week just to find their way to the top. People that suck the fun out of the game and we can’t do anything about it. We need better staffs and admins who know how to speak and comprehend English, a better system so that we can trust and rely on.

Gaming was supposed to be fun and enjoying, but for myself and probably other teams on PS4 ESL can’t find it in this kind of tournament. It’s a burden to play every week, if it keep happenens like this every week, there won’t be any competitive on PS4 anymore.
I’m not calling names, pointing finger so please do respect and don’t do that if you post here.

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I think this is something you need to take up with the admins/ESL community rather than us in general.
ESL drama is best kept within ESL.


We need someone, who can actually listen, and understand, not someone who couldn’t even spell “character”. We’ve tried, I’ve tried nothing 've changed.

Xbox ESL had that issue for a little too. Just record your matches and everything will be ok. Teams are a little more honest when they think they are being recorded.

they wont allow it. they ask all shoutcasters to be removed everytime. then its all screenshots and hopefully the monster player is streaming.

I have a Capture Card and I record all my matches for funny buisness

need to get one of those.

Also the PS4 and Xbox One have recording capabilities. In my experience all it takes is putting a ticket in with the attached vid/pic and more often then not things end up going well!

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im not gonna explain the instance on here as it was asked by the op. but recording wouldnt have worked…

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Sorry to hear that! However what it seems like OP is saying here is that the competitive scene has sucked the fun out of it. That sounds more like a personal problem. I played in ESL before they updated tiebreaker rules and once they changed them things got better.

Unfortunately like all things when you start to get competitive some people just do anything to try and win, even if it is cheating…

no its just that the monthly finals was delays AFTER the time of the tourney. we have ppl calling off work to play in this for the love of the game.

why the hell if you planned to go to gamescom would you not fix, facilitate, and moderate a monthly final. Or let us know that its not happening well before hand. gamescom didnt pop up out of know where.

then the support for sunday takes 2 hours to get a response. and they dont talk to both teams they only respond to the tickets like an email. they barely speak english and its hard to understand what they are typing as well as if they understand what we are trying to explain. thats why were asking for help. no one is moderating a money tournament.

Again its an ESL issue more than having a pop at developer for going to Europe’s biggest gaming expo to promote their game, many would have travelling over ten hours to get home today.

Sounds like the teams need to take this to ESL head honchos.

were not yelling at the devs. were seeing who knows who to contact. like i said the esl head honchos will take 3 weeks to reply.

Every week, we have to wait for a protest from a same people, have to delay the tourney for at least 3 hours. It generally started from 8am and ended at 4-5-6-7pm. They don’t allow to stream-record their games, we’ve tried to complain, it’s generally took 3 days before respond and it’s not even in English.
I could just work on sunday and make even more money than play the game, but I didn’t because I love it. What I want is a new rule, system, and someone who knows how the game works, a person who knows about the community in a specific platform, not some random dude jump in and “solve” the problem with just 1 click of a button.

You can also take photos and video with your cell phone in the mean time.

I’ve been seeing a lot of threads about teams using exploits and reporting each other on ESL tournaments for the PS4 lately, and that’s pretty sad to hear. It seems like you’re going through a lot of the same issues people were having (and sometimes still do) on XB1.

If you’re having trouble contacting anyone, I’d suggest PMing someone from 2K like @DB_Sinclair because they seem to be the ones more in contact with ESL personnel.

You beat me to it @blackhorns101291 . I was just about to make my own thread, would have most likely been more… blunt than yours. But Like Blackthorns said, way too many problems in ESL. Its more of a burden than fun on sundays now. And the issues that have been mentioned in this thread isnt even the half of it. Also, the website is very confusing and is just terrible to navigate , not new-user friendly.

Unfortunately, my team Victorious Secret, who has won the finals every week up to yesterday, will be backing out of ESL. We’re not dealing with shady teams anymore that use every cheap tactic, in AND out of the game, to get ahead. For example, blowing up the admin’s chat box with useless screenshots and video’s and huge persuasive paragraphs in english that the admin’s dont understand that technically dont have anything to do with the actual match, and then my team receiving a loss when we technically won 3-1 in a best of 5. We even have screenshots from a member of the opposite team admitting they were shady and cheated their way into the finals. But the admin gave the other team the win . This is only one situation, from the same team.

if this is what competitive evolve is all about, being shady, unsportsmanlike, and flirting with the admins to get wins out of pure nothing, then we’re not going to be a part of it. Not worth the money, not worth the stress.

ESL just lost the most dominant team on ps4 because of how out of control it all is. Good job everyone

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Just to chime in here, I was told about these issues last night and will be bringing them up with 2K about the ESL frustrations tomorrow. I understand the frustration and I cannot make a ruling in the league but I can assure you we’ll work to make sure these problems won’t come up anymore during the PS4 ESL.

We had similar problems with our first few weeks of play on PC when I first started playing in our ESL league before I was hired. We were able to work them out and I’d say it is a pretty enjoyable place to spend a Sunday playing Evolve now. I can say we want that for every platform on ESL.


If this helps anyone, I’ve been talking to a member of the TRS QA team who interacts with the competitive scene and he’s been helpful. The situations have been clearly explained to him, and while he can’t directly do anything, he can talk to 2K EU and see if there’s anything they can do.

As for people who say we should bring it up to the admins, I cannot emphasize this enough - they are part of the problem. Handing out wins due to protests before the other team even has a chance to defend themselves (not saying “play the match again” - full out deciding who wins), not explaining why protests are won or lost, and inciting an auto-closer to decide the outcome of a game while a protest was open 45 minutes before the closer should have activated are just some of the issues.

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Beat me to it.

Good thing I decided not to join a team ESL team, just a casual noob playing for fun! :stuck_out_tongue: