Issue with Torvalds shotgun


I was playing as the monster earlier to test the new stuff out and I was far from the hunters but would here Torvalds shotgun crackling through my headset here and there this a known issue?


Seems to be a lot of issues related to his gun for some reason. People have noticed that sometimes the firing sound won’t stop when your knocked back by the monster or even when reloading sometimes.


Yea it crackles hard in the headset


In addition to doubling of the sound effects, several times I’ve seen a second gun appear and float slightly below the one I am holding for a period of time. Happens mostly with Torvald’s shotgun but did happen once with Markov’s lighting gun.

Thought it was pretty silly but I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve seen it occur.


Ive been getting this a lot as well. The sound effects of the shots extend past when he stops shooting into when he reloads. Its happens extremely really often and its really annoying.


I heard horrible buzzes whilst play Torvald, might be an issue with the timings perhaps?


So devs aren’t looking at this yet?


I had his shotgun sound last for like a minute on repeat.


The sound of it is also extremely ‘far ranged’ for lack of a better term, I can hear it clearly from at least 150+ meters away. Not sure if a bug…


1st playing as the Assault. Map: Dome. Going through the Tunnel I shot a couple of times after I stopped, the sound continued. I excited the tunnel and it stopped.
2nd Playing as the monster or as another Hunter. His weapon is sometimes so loud it’s like he is right next to you even though he is like 50-100 meters away.
I have a sound card creative soundblaster Z-series
If you need more I can upload a video of it.


Best to post a video anyway, may I request @trsbrock to look at this? Or any other Dev, if you have the time that is… :slight_smile:


We should be able to reproduce based on the information you’ve provided. I’m going to ask our QA team to track this down and provide some info to the engineering team so that it can be addressed.


Yeah i heard the soundloop on one of Brandon’s last streams.


Ive also had an issue where his mortars are muted and the shotgun plays on loop at the end of the match I had capacity and im on ps4