Issue with the kraken voodoo skin


So I know for a fact I did the necessities for this skin. All I did this past weekend was play evacuation. Several hunts, rescues, and defend matches were played and won by me as the kraken. I know most, if not all of the rescue matches had laz and a few of the defend matches had him too. I still don’t have it. What gives? Does anybody else have this issue?

P.s. I’m gonna feel really stupid if it turns out the skin hasn’t dropped yet lol

Edit: I got it. Apparently it dropped between 10am cst and 9pm yesterday. All it’s well!


Give it until at least Thursday. If you don;t have the skin by then, submit a ticket to My2K support.

I suppose you could be proactive and get a ticket in now, but if you do, make sure to let them know if you get the skin by Thursday.


u usally get dem on tursday wate till den


Have you tried closing, then re-opening Evolve? I had that problem with the Wraith voodoo skin and that solved it.


I close it down every night. Hopefully it’ll show up by Thursday.


I already have mine, don’t know why, but I do.


I’m worried it might be because I was playing evacuation and not regular skirmish. But idk. I’ll put in a ticketfor if it doesn’t show up by Thursday