Issue with Random Bots

There’s a pretty terrible issue right now- with randomized bots in MM, the Hunters don’t show up on the select screen.

Which means you go in blind.

Which is fine for Hunters, just look at one print, hear one noise, etc. But for the Monster it means you have no idea which Trapper to counter…

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this is offensive to @Bot, he is not random

Of course not. @Bot is our friend.

very well… proceed
Also to re-rail I have not seen this issue before
shouldnt this be in bugs :X

It is not a bug. Bot Hunters don’t show up in the selection screen.

Or is that a bug?

it’s a bug :smile:

Can you fix it for me please? I’m so tiiiiiiiiiiiiiired…

##Poof… Its fixed


I see no change.

You cannot perceive the changes with your eyes mortal, you must see with your heart

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My heart is broken into far too many pieces for that. ;W; I’ll do it myself.

There, done.

ohhh you meant thread category ^.^
see I’m tired too i thought you meant come fix the bug XD

this like bad news for monster players, what IF its lazarous!!! what if he is a chosen hunter!!! all your stage 2 efforts gone to hell :cry:



Here is an adorable panda for you
hmmm your bug thread seems to be bugging my gifs -_-

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This this this! I bitched about this bug the other night in a match, but nobody seemed to care (obviously they don’t play monster that often).

But for real, not being able to see which Trapper your facing is a hugely unfair problem for the monster. I have very different starting strategies for each trapper…

I’ve posted this before, but my fix for this is when you press ‘Start/Pause’ the menu should show you not only the usernames of players, but also which character they are playing as. I see no problem with being able to refresh yourself on who’s all in the game.

Yes please…

@MidnightRoses @XkrSkorpion You need more coffee.

I’m up for that. Trying to keep my eyes from closing right now.