Issue Reporter || Now LIVE! (in Beta)


Hello Everybody!

There is a new and more efficient way of reporting bugs for Evolve! Introducing: The Community Issue Reporter!

This new system is an enhanced way to get accurate reports of bugs, exploits, and crashes to Evolve’s QA testers as quickly and directly as possible. The Community Issue Reporter will put your report directly to Turtle Rock’s database for fast attention. We request that you use The Community Issue Reporter as your first resort when you find something going wrong, but if you need one on one help or have more details to discuss, reporting bugs here on the forums is a great way to get in touch with developers and community members, and is still encouraged.

Thanks for all your help in making Evolve an even better game!

Special thanks to @DamJess, @JohnnyFlash and others here at TRS for making this happen!

Also, thank you @Takran & @MaddCow for lovingly reviewing this post late at night. :heart:

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Hooray, just utilized your new-fangled kajigger!!


A step in right direction. Let’s see where it will take us.


I forgot to mention… I see them before I send them… I will be deleting bogus reports. haha


Jess put her heart and soul into helping me with this issue reporter!!!




I know you guys wouldn’t give E-Mails out but I don’t feel safe giving out my address for reporting a bug; but may I ask why it’s in there?


It’s for knowing if you are from the TRS forums, I think. You used an E-mail for your account on the TRS forums, so it’s legit.


Likely to prevent people trolling and, my guess, is to show a correlation between submitters and the bugs they experience.


Oooh it could also be a way to contact you to try to resolve the issue.



This is so, if we have any questions we need to ask you regarding the bug, we can reach you there! Being able to get more information if needed can make or break a bug issue!

Also feel free to enter in your forum name instead! I can’t remember if she programmed it to require email…

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