Issue ive seen so far (XB1)


Let make this quick and simple here whe go.

Wake up this morning wanna play monster in evacuation.

Queue up queue find something sent into a game. It skirmish and not evacuation (i know because i had no day indication under it name) not as a monster (as my preference were set) in an losing game and not as my most preffered hunter aswell thus i leave.

Queue up again after a minute queue find something join it im in evacuation this time in a losing match 4th day not as a monster and as my 3rd preffered hunter,thus i leave again.

Queue up again after 5 minutes wait queue find something i hop in it evacuation losing game but only day 2 and im monster,play proceed to win go up to day 5 here the trouble start,one hunter leave and i don’t know how able to rejoin the same game before character selection start,character selection screen pop he now the monster all the hardwork i did just backlashed into my face and to top it off im not even the hunter i prefer,proceed to leave come tell this amazing tale here and will proceed to take an hour break after all this.