Issue for your next sit down


I have a few minor issues with the game, some bugs, and level design issues, but for the whole, I enjoy myself playing. So cheers for making Evolve.

However, after having said that…

I find my #1 issue with the game is the complete lack of thought you seem to have put into how players NEED to interact with one another for setting up a lobby / game / find partners, etc

Honestly, I don’t know why you didn’t just take the system out of L4D franchise and bring it here at the very least, if not upgraded that system a little. I feel disconnected from my fellow gamers. It’s like a crap shoot every time you click to join a game on what you’ll get.

Who the heck likes that?

I also don’t like leaving games, like last night. However, I had 2 guys trolling my game. Just happened to be the medic and the trapper and they just sat where we spawned in and refused to move while they spammed their mic. So I left to find a new game.

Just kept on rejoining that same game over and over. Was stupid. Eventually I just shut the game off.

Really annoyed the shit outta me tbh. Not so much the trolls, they are a fact of life online, but the fact I couldn’t get into a different game / lobby / or even start my own lobby/game, with thousands of players playing on a brand new title?

Calling shenanigans on that! lol

If you guys can figure out a way to beef up that particular part of this title. I think you’ll have smooth sailing for quite some time.