Isn't this favouring hunters?


I find the idea of monster obligated to destroy power relay unfair. Current situation is: mosnter HAVE to kill hunters OR destroy power realy. On the other hand hunters have to only kill the monster.
When the time runs out and no one gets killed the one who loses is a monster. Why? Shouldnt this be a tie? That is an unfair time advantage. If destroying a power relay is justified with a fact that additional human forces will come or the ship need it as resources, then a fair thing to do is to add similar object but for the monster, for example a lair or nest. Then the hunters need to kill monster or destroy his nest, otherwise when the time runs out, monster will lay eggs.

The hunters main target is to kill monster before it gets to stage 3, the main target of monster is to avoid hunters until monster is able to deal with them. It seems really unfair when both of the target fails, the monster is the one who lose the battle.

I am refering to ‘hunt’ mode. It is supposed to be hunt for both sides, but now it seems like the mouse is always a monster and the pesky cats are hunters.


It’s mainly there to force a fight at stage 3, if it was a draw a monster too low on health to have a chance of winning could just hide at the end to get the draw


You wouldn’t have to destroy the relay if hunters didn’t act like wusses when you stage up to three :smiley: , this was put in place so the hunters couldnt cheese you to death, spliting up and running across the map is what would happen if the relay was not in place.


Even if the monster would be low on health and just hide, the hunters could still track the monster down


But if they have Abe or Griffin, and the monster decided to hide in a random bush, there’s basically no way they could find the monster, gg


If there was another objective for the hunters, then what would they have to do as a prerequisite, before they would attack the secondary objective, or would they be able rush it out right.


I dunno, the nest idea isn’t bad. It could spawn in another location at stage 3.


@Magik_boom Then they are failing at beeing HUNTers, arent they
@FatJoe Those are game details, now we need to focus what is the real issue here