Isn't the Behemoth part of the PC Monster Race Edition?


If so, why is he locked for me while the four new Hunters are available?


5th monster is unlocked for pc monster race edition along with the hunters, etc. Pre-Ordered Monster Race Edition unlocks behemoth and 5th monster and everything else


Yeah, I think you had to pre-order it to get him.


It was pre-ordered.
Turtle Rock’s shenanigans are tiring.


Fill out a 2k support ticket, Idk what’s up then


You got the savage goliath skin right?


Shenanigans? They released stuff early as a surprise bonus.


There was a separate code to use for the pre order Behemoth. Make sure you entered both when you got the game.


Which platform are you on, OP?


I want to buy the behemoth. When can I do that?


Likely, tomorrow on the actual release day.


Everything is available on PC today