Iseanna's Evolve Fanart

I wanted to post a WIP of my Sunny fanart but I figured I’d just make a thread so I don’t flood the forums with my constant arting. @_@
I’ll update all my WIPs of my fanart here!!

Anyway, here’s a WIP of Sunny that I’m working on:

Here’s my Caira drawing I did a few weeks ago! I was supposed to submit it for the T-shirt design contest but it seems like the site is down.

And here’s a WIP of Caira that I’m working on, but I’ll probably never finish because I’m lazy:

Update: Sunny is complete!!


I like it. ^.^

You can post it there. :smile:

Nice work.

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Why cant i have your art skills ;-;
Omg she even has a tiny JP-RT, sacute :relaxed:


Iseanna, all your work is absolutely breathtaking.


Yes, yes it is. ^.-

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Thanks everyone :smiley:

Thank you, we love gazing at such amazing artwork. ^.^

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Your work is gorgeous, never stop! :smiley:

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thank you all c:
I’m going to be streaming the coloring of my Sunny drawing tomorrow here!

Sounds interesting and something different.

please finish them all. they look GREAT.

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They do. ^.^

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Streaming in 30 min! and I do plan to finish most of em. :smiley:

She’s live now, guys! Iseanna’s Live Art Sessions (Sunny)

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Love your Sunny.

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Thanks! Done streaming for now, gonna play a bit of Evolve.
Here’s what was accomplished in the stream :smiley:


Sunny fanart is complete!


It almost looks like the plans for a machine. Never thought art would be so complex. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Eh it’s so good, people like you who are creative and really contibute to the community (Like the person who made the badges, the dude that made the wallpapers or the mods) should get a special in game emblem to reward enthusiasm that goes beyond just playing the game but taking part in the community.