Is Xbox one even CONNECTED to your Servers TRS?!


Last two days havent been more then a FEW matchs…then again its not like I dont get into matchs, its just THEY FREEZE every time like this is a Nintendo64 game where I gotta take the game out and lick my finger an run it along the bottem…
But apart from the total bs that makes you wait a minute when you quit even if the game FREEZES and forces you to quit you get penalized. It keeps getting FROZEN in the loading screen, with there being such a lack options to maneuver the game as a player, im forced to exit and restart in the dashboard.

You guys at TRS are awesome but this, this honestly has the WORST connectivity ive experienced on Xbox One. AND THE GAME IS ONLY ONLINE, NO SOLO CAMPAIGN OR STORY, NOTHING.


I agree, I’m offline playing this game about 75% of the time. Just purchased the game a few days ago and put about maybe 15 hours into it and I’m already bored. Not happy with not being able to keep multiplayer running. Feel like I wasted my money as of now. Without multiplayer it’s just not the same