Is Wraith's Decoy suppose to be able to find you while invisible?


So yea was playing Laz and saw that the Wraith had decoyed and it was heading right at me went invisible moved stayed still and it just went right up to me and hit me.

Is it suppose to do that because I was under the assumption that it lost track of you while invisible.


Never seen it do that. Usually even cloaking a body is enough to make it stop attacking and have stare confused at the ground. Might be a pure laz issue.


I think if you had gone invis in direct line of sight it may have just picked up on that or it just had lag issues and swung because it still registered you as visible and attacked. I am not sure though. Just making guesses.


I have a video and I will post it in a bit but playing evolve right now.


Don’t know if it’s intended but I know that it does currently. Decoy ignores Spore Cloud a well.


Wraith’s AI is pretty unintelligent. It has tunnel vision it may focus no matter invis or spore cloud. Plus spore cloud negates smelling… does not mean you cannot find a hunter through other means.


Annoying as it is yes, it DOES track you. Was in a party with the monster guy, I cloaked after he tried to kill me (whole team is dead by the way), he says “oh ya, think a cloak will save you?”

poof comes the decoy

And the thing seeks me out like a dog chasing a steak…


I remember a dev (I think it was @MajorLeeHyper) talking about how the AI works with invisibility. Basically, when you go invisible right in front of them, they’ll keep tracking you for a few seconds. If they don’t set you on fire, don’t hit you, or do anything else that reveals cloaked targets, then they’ll drop you as a target.


Thats like pouncing the last hunter… i just dont have it in me to do that to someone unless my victory hangs in the balance. I do hope this wasnt intended though. The devs should definitely look into it but for now itll just get added to my list of issues with wraiths decoy.