Is Wraith decoy an illusion, clone, or something else?


Just trying to understand why tracking darts, sound spike, or daisy are fooled as well when it using its decoy. I understand its a game not real life I just always thought was odd.

So what is it suppose to be?


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so you’re saying Internal Affairs knew all along


It’s a decoy…
Consider your mind blown!!!


its a extactsame version as the wraith but a decoyfrom


Actually its a clone. A decoy is something that would trick the hunters by going the other way or standing still it probably couldn’t fight. A clone is a shadow or second addition to something and would have the ability to fight for it.


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I think of the wraith as more like a Mesmer from GW2. It’s more of a illusion I believe.


Wraith’s decoy is a copy of itself pulled from another level of existence, as explained in the art book


…and in that level of existence, basic melee hits do more damage.


Judging by the description, as the decoy is summoned, the decoy itself exists, but also takes place of ‘our’ Wraith, whilst our Wraith takes its place partially shifted out of reality


Could have sworn I read somewhere that Wraith literally copies its own cells, like when a cell splits on the microscopic level. I don’t remember where, though.