Is Wraith anti-fun?


I enjoy equally playing as Hunters and Monsters and almost every lineup combo I find interesting bar when the monster is the Wraith.

The Wraith is just so elusive that you literally can’t engage unless the Monster player wants to. They can kite and hide in domes should they actually get caught and can break away almost instantly and get a massive lead.

Part of the gameplay of Hunters is finding the Monster but the Wraith just takes this entire aspect out completely.

What makes the Wraith so anti-fun is that you’re running around wasting time until the Wraith player decides they want to fight you, which is usually after several minutes when they are stage 2 with a full evolution bar or stage 3.

People don’t leave when they see the Wraith because they think it’s overpowered… it’s because it’s really boring to play against.

Wrath still over powered
Hunting the whimp

The wraith will test me… and I like being tested.


I agree 100%. The fact that it’s so easy for the Wraith to get away EVERY time makes it worthless to play against. We played against wraiths about 10 times last night(with other players, and also with computer players with us) and we lost 10 times. OVERPOWERED. I thought the game was supposed to auto-balance, but it’s pretty clear it does not.


You have to keep in mind though that’s she is VERY squishy. So if the opportunity arises, hammer the sh*t out of her. And seeing how somehow skilled players can still get a win on a tier 3 goliath/kraken even though they have way more armour and health, I don’t see how you can’t either


honestly the wraith mind fucks me and I love it!


Hyde does amazing against the wraith, so long as he can get in there.
his flamethrower allows DoT+Decoy denial and just does a ton of damage overall.

Played against a pretty meh team earlier but the Hyde and Laz combo took me down, was pretty close.


Your post has nothing to do with mine at all.

Just to clarify I’m not talking about the Wraith being overpowered or unbeatable. I’m talking about how boring it is to play against it because there is no chase.


Well, that IS kinda the thing about the wraith. She has more control about the hunt. Best thing to do is just suck it up and murder her at the end of the match. Feels better anyway, stomping a stage 3 monster which kept avoiding you


I feel the wraith is overpowered, it’s too fast and does too much damage at phase 3, you can’t get away from it to even heal up. When I see that I am fighting against a wraith I find another match to play in.


Every Wraith is a challenge. And every challenge is enjoyable for me.


Yup, boring. I prefer not to fight one. Not like I have a problem with them now, I just don’t like playing running and cutting off the Monster Simulator 2015.


Playing as Wraith is also boring. Just because it is so easy to dodge anything that is not a good Abe trapper…
That and the matchmaking past level 20 are two things that are really giving me the rages in-game.


This is day 1, and you do not understand the tactics needed to properly down a wraith. You should get together with your buddies and figure out the appropriate techniques, because he isn’t that difficult to deal with. You also probably need to stop directly chasing the monster and instead figure out where he is likely going and cut him off. I played 8 games last night and won every one, 3 were against a Wraith. Granted the players were not very good, and I dominated them w/ a Stage 1 Goliath… but the fact that those same guys grouped with me and dropped the Wraith like bad habit means that just a little technique and tactics can make ALL the difference.

TL;DR - Learn the games mechanics and techniques before complaining.


I do 100% agree Wraith is anti-fun. Even with the nerfs its ridiculous you will never fight it unless it wants you too. I want to leave every match that has a wraith, I dont but so god help me I want to. It honestly dosnt feel much diffrent to how id did in Beta


yeah fighting the wraith is just boring/frustrating and everything i can think of is "god just kill us"so i can actually have fun


Well the only down fall with all monsters is that you suck in a stage one dome


Yeah yeah, get it. You’re a future mlg player who can beat anyone and everyone. Anyone who complains about an unfair aspect of the game simply suck at the game.


Yep, every time a wraith is chosen I can feel the enthusiasm drain from me. It’s not that it can’t be close and fun, it’s that it usually isn’t. It’s a chore to track, rather than a process, and fights are largely you trying to get out of a supernova and second guess a decoy, rather than actually…well… fighting.


Yes, even after the nerfs shes too anti-fun. trash the decoy and make a new skill in its place.


No, I haven’t played competitively in a few years, I just understand the very basic concepts of this game. Wraith isn’t OP and certainly isn’t boring to fight. If you use the tools given to you by the devs you can track her - albeit with less ease than the other monsters. Now, she has the least amount of health and armor, so this makes sense because without the mobility and good DPS, she wouldn’t be balanced or viable. I don’t know why people whine and complain about a challenge in a game, it isn’t like it is impossible, just difficult. Also, as people get more accustomed to the game, the tactics, and the maps, things will balance themselves out more.