Is Val UP Right Now?

would still be good tho, like how you can curve jack’s beam

Isn’t breaking line of sight a big thing for the monster though? I think it would be pretty powerful if she doesn’t have to see people to beam heal them.

val heals 1 person at a time, besides it would be jack curving but without line of sight and less range

Then what would be the use of breaking line of sight for the monster?

mebe it does less healing, idk

Well that sounds like a more reasonable trade off.

val just needs a buff for her to be able to heal from a way away, caira has nades emet is emet and slim has bug

maybe she could shoot her ally with hr tranq and they get a small resist buff.

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I don’t think she’s supposed to be the greatest, but I think she’s supposed to be the most reliable.

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Id say her weakspots could use a little oomph as well. Hell, Torvalds shrapnel grenade creates stronger weakpoints!


Imma jump on the bandwagon too. While she can keep players alive, she cannot keep herself alive. Her healburst is not the best. I would like to try it with one of these perks that increase the % of heal you receive, see how that works.

She’s supposed to be a good single target healer and have great utility. Caira is just as much a single target healer as val is because if people group up close enough to get multiple heals then you’re just asking for a WB,RT,LB etc to ruin your day.

yeah it has she has 115 hps and she was OP before monsters damage got buffed.

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But it’s not to the extent of any other medics. Minor number tweaking, whereas Papa got incap heal nerf, slim got his new ability, Emet got HB altercations, and Caira got another nade.

And from what I’ve seen all of S2, I have seen any spikes in Val. Rogue had her moment because she prevented medic focus at low-level pubs, but that’s it. But time zones and regions might play a role in whether more of Val will show up for you.

she was OP prior to stage 2 then stage 2 gets released monsters get a damage buff and she gets a small buff to healing… balance

Why pick val when you have new OP/stronger medics to play with? I rarely see caira but that doesn’t mean she is UP.

If we’re going by pickrate EMET and Quira must be super strong.

Well I was talking about pure stage 2.

Otherwise we have to account for the period where Caira had amazing self-heals from her nades, or release Slim, or when Laz was deemed OP at initial release, etc.

Stage 2 is a clean slate, and gathering data from legacy won’t help, especially since the meta has changed so much. (It’s less about strong healing, but high self-sustain and slowly fading away from defensive supports being the only viable pick, as well as decent multi-target healing.)


I meant to say haven’t.

If it was a clean slate everyone would have gotten reworks but some didn’t.

Val is still mostly the same from legacy to stage 2 minus her weakpoints. The reason she’s still mostly the same is because she didn’t need buffs to counter the monster buffs because prior to stage 2 she needed nerfs.

I see them all the time even though they’re pretty crappy especially in pugs. Not seeing spikes of people playing Val doesn’t mean she’s bad which is what you implied.

Yeah because of the huge amount of crybabies playing Slim as if he was supposed to be a single target healer crying he’s UP not healing enough on a single target.

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How do you think the other medics feel then? That they might’ve paired against a monster that will counter them I.e. Behemoth vs Laz or Emet.

If Slim falls from his spot, this will be the age of Behemoth.

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Hence why we must buff all other medics so we have some semblance of balance.


That’s why if there isn’t medic changes today I will let likely not play this week, since it looks like Icyhemoth has some major debuffs for the hunters. I can see how Caira, Val, and Emet will all get countered, and I hope that they don’t, and that he’s fun to play against without being a huge counter to the medics.

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