Is Val UP Right Now?

What do you guys think? Should Val get a buff?

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Currently, yes. I think she does.

She’s supposed to be the greatest single target healer and frankly she isn’t, I don’t know what to buff but I do know she’s not the greatest pick for medic


Yeah. I’ve been more into Caira rather than Val, though I’m more of a Val fan.

Slim better single target healer of the whole game Kappa


Sadly we ended up that way :joy::sob:


He nailed it, her single target should be unmatched… (RVal, both Ciara’s, Emet, Slim, PParnell) all heal multiple hunters well, with some healing single Hunter very well also… Val simply doesn’t heal a single Hunter enough to pick her over any other, and her healing against multiple damage hunters or multiple hunters with DOT effects sucks


I was able to keep a 2-strikes Support aganist a S-3 Goliath with Val, but now… She can’t even keep herself alive :pensive:


She needs a shorter cooldown on her healburst. Her self-sustain is shit right now


Agreed… a shorter cooldown would help big time… it helps her self sustain, it helps single target healing, it helps multiple healing…

On a separate note, Laz could also use a cooldown reduction on heal burst… it would help him in healing team, his self sustain, and keeping the body around longer (since it’s now a game of a revive denial, instead of dead body camping with Laz)


best single target healer “at range” which is what she delivers her self sustain is rather poor though. I would prefer tranq gun buff or change as well as her healing burst cooldown being reduced.

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After your comment, “at range” a thought came to me… buff her range on med gun as well (so it’s a far superior medgun from RVal in terms of healing and range) :smiley:

I’d disagree with the tranq buff thou… I’d prefer buffing the target multipliers of sniper shots back into the 1.75x range

She is out shined by healers who are op, while val herself has not been changed much healing wise in awhile. Slim is still the king of heals.Meaning that if he can out heal almost all the monsters damage still then he needs another nerf. She is supposed to have the highest single target heal, while haveing a bit weaker self sustain to make up for it. This is why val and hank will always be a nasty combo. She may need a slight buff but nothing major.


Yes. Reason why is that monster have gotten buffs and her healing hasn’t been changed.

She just needs to be brought up to today’s standards of medics.


Val is only viable if she has a strong Sunny support. Even with Hank she needs to take Leadership/Command just for faster heal bursts to keep herself alive. However that leaves her pretty anchored down in the mobility department. It’s a tough pickle indeed.

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That moment when slim revive fallen hunters faster than Val…


Why not make the hps on her medgun ramp up overtime? Make it function like Barkov’s Tesla Gun the longer it stays the more it heals.


my val wish list
targets around corners
mebe that ramp up idk
father reach
stronger heal
slower reload
faster use speed
better healing

Bigger buttox


was gonna say but wasnt game enough

Lets not get carried away now…