Is Val still MLG PRO gitgud on Stage 2?


Or has everyone else been upped to her level of great utility and healing.


depends on your encounter with her, good vals with the right perks in Stage 2 are nightmare levels above other medics in my opinion.


She’s good, but Caira’s better for healing now. Slim also has better healing, as well as better AOE healing, but less utility obviously and probably a little worse self sustain. They’re all better than Emet. Rogue Val is ok too and Lazarus is just…There.

They’re very well balaced now. Except Emet, who’s a bit underwhelming, and Lazarus, who’s Lazarus. Not sure about him.



Caira is great with Hank and Bucket. Rogue Val and Bucket is also pretty nasty. Laz and Bucket work good too if the Laz knows what they’re doing. There really is no cookie cutter comp, at least atm.

Honeslty, all the comps listed here

have worked nearly equally as well for me.