Is upgrading FPS on console possible?


Now, I’m not here to start a war on console vs. PC and which one has an advantage in aiming. However, the PC mustard race has an advantage over consolites in Evolve. That advantage is frame rate. On console I believe the frame rate is 30 FPS, while the PC has 60 FPS. I don’t know about the rest of console players but I know my aim with a controller is a TREMENDOUSLY more accurate if the frame rate is higher. But seeing as I’m no video game programmer I would like to know if this is even possible to pull off and if this can be implemented into the game on console eventually. So if this can happen I think people will stop complaining about PC players nerfing their precious hunters on console because you can actually keep your cursor on the monster. Any other thoughts to give consoles some love?


Sorry, there’s nothing you can do to adjust frame rate on console. Any adjustments on console usually requires the devs to tweak the settings or if MS/Sony decide to release more powerful consoles.

Or 144 FPS if you’re pure PC master race.


No you can’t increase FPS on console. You’d mine as well buy a PC if you want optimal performance in your games.


Oh well, It’s still frustrating that so many games launch with a choppy 30 FPS on console. I guess the no limb damage will close the gap anyways when TU9 hits. So maybe frame won’t be such a huge factor after all.


As the others have said, you can’t increase frame rate on console sadly. At least everyone has the same fps on your console. Everyone is on the same level regarding frames. :wink:


Don’t believe you can do this.


It’s the main thing you sacrifice gaming on consoles. It’s an affordable, easy to use machine but doesn’t have much power and limited customization.


For your question, the short answer is no. As stated, the Frame Rates are locked on console and there isn’t anything you can do about it unless you have the know how to take it apart (note: That voids the warranty) and get the parts needed to mod it. That’s highly difficult though because the parts are specifically made for that model of console. You’d be better off going for a PC in this regard. That said, it isn’t worth going to 60 fps when using a TV anyway, most max out at around 50 hz anything above that causes screen tearing (google it).


Wow I didn’t even know that. You get what you pay for I guess.


Just a note, the HZ aspect, which is the frequency at which the monitor/TV refreshes at, increases with each generation as more and more tech is miniaturized, so the number I spewed out may not be entirely accurate, but my point still holds.

Also: Monitors are FAR faster than TVs in terms of Refresh rates. As an example, the TV I got is a VIZIO VW37L HDTV40A (that’s it’s model number), it maxes out at around 60 HZ (20 MS). My monitor is a View Sonic VS12996 has a refresh rate of 5 ms (200 HZ), it’s 4 times faster. That said, both of these are a few years old, so it’s entirely possible that the more modern TVs have a higher refresh rate by comparison. I’d have to look it up.

The gist of it is the higher the refresh rate, and the larger the size/resolution of the TV, the more it’ll cost you.


Now if you buy a PC and get good hardware, you can use a controller.

Unfortunately you cant upgrade console hardware.


The PS4k is coming out, so that might support games at 1080p 60 FPS. If it can run games at 4K (which it most likely won’t) that would be amazing. You will have to wait for that for a FPS upgrade on console.


Wait for PS4 NEO!


Yes its possible IF they actually feel like doing it…who knows maybe with all the removed vegetation and improved drivers it might be possible…i dont get how they cant get it to 60 tbh i mean battlefront got to 60 and looks better than evolve with 40 players and vehicles (although with no need for advanced AI). Balancing the game around PC evolve is a very bad idea btw as its a very small minority the majority of evolve fans are console gamers