Is Turtle Rock Studios being controlled by 2K Reptilian Shape-shifters?


Q: What are Reptilians?

Above: Reptilians are shape-shifters from the Draco constellations, who are a highly advanced but predatory extraterrestrial race hoping to gain dominance of this galaxy. See below:

Above: Reptilians shape-shift into high-ranked human beings like Obama, in order to control key political, corporate, military, and scientific positions. It is probable that they are controlling 2K as well, as it is a key corporation.

Q: How do Reptilians control other smaller companies like TRS?

A: They send their minions, the greys (see picture above) to abduct humans and place chips in their brains, or outright use their psychic abilities to mind control humans. It is possible that key figures in TRS may have already been mind controlled by 2K grey aliens.

Q: So how is 2K forcing TRS to control the public?

A: See above picture. Mental indoctrination. By forcing TRS to develop monsters that are strictly Reptilian in nature, and by purposely giving Reptilian monsters a 2% win chance over human hunters, TRS is compelled to make players believe, on a subconscious suggestory level, that it is okay for Reptilians to be dominant over humans. Through other cultural reproduction centers that build on the same principle (like Japanese manga with Reptilian heroes etc.), they are slowly controlling humans, awaiting for the day that they will show themselves up and then humans will accept their rule, through centuries of mental indoctrination.


Technically, the kraken’s a cephalopod!


No, its not reptilians. It’s marketing.


Exactly, I have been warning all my friends about this but it seems like our time is…


DO NOT WATCH if you like rodents. :blush:


Yes. 10 chars.


This is not the place for conspiracy theories.
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