Is TRS still shooting for 60fps on current gen systems?


I remember this being said earlier this year. Not sure if anything changed. Either way, kudos for doing something developers often ignore. With the recent comment by a Ubisoft dev, it worries me that too many devs don’t care about the benefits of a higher frame rate.


you don’t notice after 30 fps.


I don’t know what that sentence means.


Your eyes don’t notice the diffrence between 30 and 60 or anything above.


Uh that’s so not true. There’s a significant difference between 30 and 60 fps the game becomes much smoother. After 60 is when fps increases yield diminishing returns as the human eye can’t even tell the difference at that point.


Yeah i dissagree with you on this one.You can tell the difference between 30 and 60.But around 55-60 and higher no you can’t


Hence why 48fps vs 24fps movies look so odd


The diffrence is not that big idk why consoles “brag” about 60 fps anyways ^^


Well we live on 2014.Not having 60 fps on your console is bad.You are supposed to be next-gen bla bla.You should run your games on 1080p 60 fps.think of it like DVD’s are 30 FPS and blu-rays are 60 FPS.If i was being told that my new console aimed for next-generation games is going to be awesome and yet i got a DVD-resolution i would be pissed.


so…don’t get a console, get a PC and laugh at the console people get mad about 60 fps? :smiley:


Smh… How can u not tell the difference between 60 and 30 fps… 60 looks 2x more smooth and yes there is also a difference in 120 fps and 60 fps!


diffrence between 30 and 60 is not 2x better its less, and between 60 and 120 diffrence?.. sure if you’re a baby and your brain/eyes are not damaged lol.


Yeah #PCMASTERRACE is a thing i agree.But you have to know that there are many great games that PC are missing.For example God of War for Playstation was and is my number 1 single player game.If i didn’t have a console i wouldn’t be able to try it.Set aside the couch co-op with friends.Playing this shit, ,While smoking stuff where the biggest laughs me and my friends ever got. :smiley: So there is a reason for consoles aswell.But its foolish not being able to give you 60fps 1080p.At least i heard PS4 is mostly on 1080p/60fps, its just xbox that fails more


The difference between 30 and 60 is factually a 2x difference. You may not perceive it as such or it may not feel like a 2x difference, but that is how many frames there are.


I can’t tell the difference myself, and personally, I don’t care about the whole FPS/resolution stuff. What’s the gameplay/story like? xD


Nah even if i have 60 fps or 300(There is a command in console in dota to lock my fps on 60 or set it free,i get like 300 fps if i leave it unlocked)i see no difference


Yeah consoles are just for co-op gameplay / party games / exclusives evrything else is much much better on PC.


Yeah of course.


Also, this is just gonna bring up more of “which console fails and which one is better”, here’s something: THEY’RE BOTH BRILLIANT! So, closed! :smile: