Is Torvald bad right now?

No, not at all! Don’t worry Torvald has one of the highest skill curves in the game and if someone isn’t landing mortars it better be because the monster deliberately dodged them. If that’s not the case the player in question needs more practice. A full mortar barrage does INSANE damage. Usually a bar of health if all connect provided you picked capacity perk. It’s just a matter of new players aren’t winning super easily so they think it’s very underpowered.

wait did they nerf his mortars gravity again? i truly hope not. however i do know they did nerf the damage per shell some because he could shred monsters before. @Torvald_Stavig here can give you some good tips since torvald is his bae.

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I’m a console player, but I did play a few games of stage 2 with him.

Man was I sad his damage got nerfed that much, but he still does better damage than Parnell if you play him correctly imo.

After the patch his shotgun is going to be good with reload/damage perks. The mortars have too many QoL issues to be reliable. However being able to pop weakspots on the monster and follow up with a good shotgun will bring him viable again.

Continuing the discussion from Evolve: Stage 2 Release Notes 2.00 (PC Only):

This is probably the reason why his shotgun feels under powered, every bullet-based weapon has been nerfed, not sure by how much. Different players will think differently depending on how good their accuracy was in Legacy, if you never hit limbs this is a nerf. If you kept hitting limbs constantly, this feels like a slight buff or that nothing has changed.

Torvald currently has a clip size of 8 that does 8 dmg/pellet with 6 pellets/shot: (6x8)x8=384 damage per trigger pull. He will be buffed to 9 dmg/pellet: (6x9)x8=432 damage per trigger pull. His RoF is 400rpm and so Torvald can do 19,400dmg/min, after his buff it will be 21,600dmg/min

Markov’s LG does 150dmg/s, meaning he can out damage Torvald in just over 2 seconds, taking into account that Torvald has a 2s reload time. But overall he deals 9,000dmg/min

Hyde can do 160dmg/s for 11 seconds and can deal DoT burn damage. Hyde can deal 9,600dmg/min without adding on his DoT or using his Toxic 'Nades

Parnell has a clip of 10 and does 14dmg/pellet with 8 pellets/shot: (14x8)x10=1120 damage per clip. His RoF is only 190rpm so Parnell gets slightly outdamaged in terms of dmg/min, he can do 19,040dmg/min without using Super Soldier

Lennox, when hitting, can do 50 strikes/min, her 1st hit does 150 damage and increases by 50 per hit up to 300. So after hitting 4 strikes she’s done 900 damage, 46 hits left doing 300 damage=13,800, plus the 900 damage giving her a total dpm of 14,700. She will be nerfed to deal 125 damage on 1st hit, but still adding 50 meaning 800 damage after 4 hits. 275x46=12,650 plus 800 giving her a nerfed dpm of 13,450

I found this video that gives damage comparisons of Markov/Hyde/Parnell, it’s a very old video from FEB last year so I’m not sure if the numbers have changed that much since and if it’s still reliable, so don’t quote anything from the video it’s just an example

So, overall Torvald has the highest dpm out of all of the Assaults, but does probably the lowest damage if it’s in bursts which is what he’s doing he can’t continuously fire for a full minute wheras Hyde/Markov can consistantly do damage for 6-11 seconds. I don’t know if this made any sense to anyone but I was bored so I decided to calculate his dps/dpm and compare it to other Assaults for you so you can decide if he is “bad right now”

Except for blitz, I do the most damage with torvald.

Aum the mortars behind teammates that are being focused. Aim them up cliffs to teduce travel time.

no competent Parnell is going to have shotty out for longer than it takes to unload it. He should be constantly switching weapons at every reload.

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If you didn’t realise I never included anything such as player skill, or comboing with secondaries or utlities. my calculations are only pointing out what kind of damage will be dealt with each of their primary if they didn’t stop firing.

So yes, Parnell does get outdamaged with dpm, but if the player did use their kit to it’s full potential like you said then Parnell may very well be much better than Torvald, then again a good Torvald player might be good with his mortars that can do a lot of damage or even constistantly hit those 1.5x damage weakspots his Shrapnel 'Nade reveals.

But that is in the player’s hand of being a good player, if a noob who never uses the rest of the kit was to play that character, those are the kind of numbers you’ll expect, and I have played with a Hyde player who didn’t use anything other than his Minigun after I explained that the flamethrower was better in a close range fight

yep, comboing is his problem. I dislike Torvald because he has no ideal range where his whole kit works. He needs to switch weapons during long reloads, but he’s always either too far/elevated for shotgun or too close/low for mortars.

Torvald is a good assault, it’s just that he needs to be accurate with his mortars and his shotgun.
When I play Torvald, I usually stand still when using the shotgun to keep a good accuracy and be sure to not miss the monster, and as shown in the character selection, his difficulty is “hard”.
The mortars must be used accurately and intelligently.
You see a hunter beeing focused by the monster? Shoot your mortars on the hunter and not directly on the monster or they will land behind him.
A hunter is downed and the monster is camping him? Shoot your mortars on the hunter if the monster is obstinate.
You’re out of mortars? Throw a Sharpnel grenade, shoot with the shotgun and your mortars are ready to go.

Usually, I do this combo: Sharpnel, mortar, shotgun, sharpnel, mortar, shotgun, sharpnel, mortar, shotgun, etc…without stopping.

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27 posts and nobody’s brought up how useful his shrapnel grenades are and why?

You should be constantly throwing those things and creating weakspots between reloads for your teammates to hit, effectively raising their DPS in the process (and with very little downtime, if any). Fling and forget. Contrast that to Lennox’s plasma lance or Cabot’s damage amp which both require a concerted effort to maintain.

It’s not simply about hitting with your shotgun and your mortars; Torvald’s a team assault so it’s about maximising your team’s ability to deal more damage. In this regard it makes total sense that Torvald isn’t individually pulling as much damage as other assaults. He’s tough to use, sure, and his individual performance might not look that great, but with the right team he’s formidable!


Why is the capacity perk so good on Torvald?

Anyway, I thought he was weak but… it seems like his Shotgun actually does Parnel level of damage after you’ve hit with the shrapnel grenade, WITHOUT sacrificing health to do it?
And his mortars are really just a bonus when they land, then?

But I played with this one Torvald that hit like every mortar… on a Kraken in the air. Lol. Completely destroyed.

Its so strong because raising the capacity of his mortars increases the number of mortars he fires in a single volley, thus raising the damage by a fair margin (provided you can actually hit the Monster), but also slightly reducing the margin for error as you now just have that many more mortars to try to hit the Monster with.

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Seven mortars is still less than a health bar in S2. I think he’s just outright weak, and they keep upping his shotgun to make up for it, instead of going back and having a proper look at his mortars to make them fun and viable again.


Uh no he can’t. ((6*8)*8)/1.2)*60 =19200 if he never reloaded.

400/60 = 6.666 repeating
8/6.666 repeating = 1.2 which is his time to empty the shotgun

he has a 2 second reload time last I checked.

(((6*8)*8)/3.2)*60 = 7200

you can’t do DPM without factoring in reload time unless you’re swapping to your secondary while your primary reloads and you never have to reload and then you have to factor in swap times. You can do DPS without factoring in reload time though but you should also include the alt dps which would include reload.

They buffed it to 200 DPS

That is a huuuuuuge assumption that she’s gonna get more than 4 or 5 hits at full charge.

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Assuming we get the shotgun buff in the next patch I’d rather go for reload/damage perks on Torvald and instead of relying on mortars, deal main damage with shotgun and shrap. That said mortars should still be used when other tools are out of range or the monster seems obviously easy to hit with morts.

You want to be low with mortars. Being below the monster is the best place to be with mortars because you can hit the monster at the top of their arc.

If I see the Assault pick Torvald I’m considering the match a loss. I know that’ll sound crazy to the few great Torvald players out there, but I’m yet to see literally anyone use him well. And I’ve had the experience multiple times that someone mentioned earlier of having the dome timer simply run out if the monster can’t get incaps with a Torvald on the team, because he can’t get through it’s health - even if the monster is targetting him, which is a problem I’ve never encountered with any of the other Assaults.

I know I’m not good with him, but I haven’t seen anyone else be good with him either. I even searched ‘Evolve Stage 2 Torvald’ on youtube in the hopes of being able to witness him being utilized to his full potential but nothing impressive came up.

Lot of assumptions on damage output based on him landing all of his mortar “clip”. That does not happen often at all.

You can’t be too close or shooting is impossible, or too far and the delay is so great nothing hits the monster anyways.
You need to be in a perfect sweet spot and also anticipate the monster’s movements perfectly, and if they go a way other than what you expected you miss EVERY shot of your main damage output.

Other assaults you miss a tiny bit but for the most part you can easily put out a steady DPS.