Is this the most stupid game evver?


Strikes, reviving after Death, a monster who can fight but not eat or destroy a generator becuse some noob ar shoting. Ohh a bee stung me so i cant feed because my jaws doesen function. A guy who can shoot trough walls, wow fun!

A dog thats retarded and leaves the group and goes after the monster and gets downed wow the timer its stoped and when we have done this procedure for 30 min its jollygood fun.

Noobs thats has to chose lazarodus and monster thats knows. “if i take out lazardous its a instawin”.

Noobs that runs after Daisy for 15 minutes and dosent trap the monster once.

Its only one guy thats make the player to feel in Control and thats bucket but nobody plays him. wow i can survive myself when the noobs are gone after 10 sekund and when i am chasen by a monster AND a minion AND a elite animal i jump and land on a f*cking carnewor plant. WOW again, this is fun at is best!

I probebly have 30 000 gaming hour in my Llfe and this is the most stupis and frustrating game i have ever played. To bad there is no other fun pvp game out there.

I wish from software or som desent developer would make a game like this and put som brain in to it. No fancy cutscenes. Just a functinal balanced intelligent moba.


Your title alone makes the chances of me reading your post slim.

…Screw it, reading.


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