Is this possible?


I tried to test this to see if it’s possible and don’t see how.

I played a few games as Goliath and there was a Caira/Maggie combo that were moving at an insane speed. I would spot them at the back of my smell range and I’d start running like hell in a pretty much straight line. I used 3 jumps, charge, leap and another jump and look back, and they were closer to me than before I started running away. I’m sure they were Maggie and and Caira, and they were far behind me when I started running in a straight line and closer to me after I finished. It took assault and support 15-20 seconds more to reach me than the two of them.

I tried to test it with Caira with jetpack recharge and speedboost and there’s no way to keep up with a Goliath. Let alone be faster than one.

I did not think they’re cheating at first as I never saw them perma flying, but I lost 3 times to them in a row and they were ALWAYS right behind me no matter how sneaks I was or how fast I ran.

Does anyone know a way this could have been done legit?

Note: They did NOT cut me off, they followed me in a straight line. No other player has managed anything close to it before or since. I know the name of one of them, but not the other.


Try asking them?


I did. They laughed and avoided the question, but they said they were using health regen perk.


What were their levels? if they were higher levels they could have been using move speed buff or higher jetpack recharge so they could use it more.

Ok nvm you said the perk they were using. were you hitting any climbing terrain or anything?


Which platform btw? There has been mention of a couple of hacks being discovered on PC. Also, Zerneborg mentioned what level where they if you can remember?


It was on a PC. I ran in pretty much a straight line that was perfect for a monster run. They were around lvl 25.


Did they had [TH] tags?


If they were using the health regen perk their level is not that important unless they found a hack to have more than one perk.


If you are absolutely sure that they followed you in a straight line then it could be a speed hack that went around a bit during the beta. Caira does make the team pretty fast though, if they cut you off even slightly they will be on you very quickly.


No, they had no tags. Just normal names.

I tried doing this with Caira with both jetpack speed and movement speed perk and I couldn’t come even close to their speed.

In addition, the two of them never tried to cut me of. They literally just ran behind me all the time. Their teammate were much much slower and moved at same speed all other hunters usually move.


Nah, it was a straight line. And even though they often grouped as all 4, Maggie and Caira were much, much faster than assault and support who always lagged some 15-20 seconds behind them.