Is this person cheating?


I dropped in a match and started playing as Kraken, against a team of humans. At a certain point, only assault and medic were alive. I was finishing off support, and I noticed assault and medic were maybe 40 or 50 meters from me, behind a big wall (mountain).

I don’t know what happened but suddenly assault was right next to me and died next to me. That’s not possible, he was just 50 meters from me, a second ago, behind a big wall. Did he go through a wall?!?!? I was so confused.

At the same time, the human player sends me these messages:




I can’t understand his English, makes no sense. Is he asking me to report someone? Is he telling me he reported someone? What is a cheat wall bot? Was he cheating? I’m still confused. I don’t know if it’s against the rules to post his gamertag on here but if it’s not, will gladly do it, I hate cheaters.


Please don’t share his gamertag. If you have any proof you can PM MrStrategio.


You mean here in public? Or should I send you his gamertag in private? I have all the messages. I posted this hoping someone helps me understand what happened. I’m sure whatever happened is not possible and his messages are very weird. His 1st message was like right after I saw him going through the wall.


Sounds like the player on the hunter team was trying to inform you that there was a cheater on his team.


Are you sure it was HIM that was going through the wall…seems odd he would tell you he was cheating himself.

Also, don’t post names/gamertags in public, but you can send them to 2K support by filing a ticker, and report the player through Steam as well.


No no no. Don’t post it here. Send his gamertag and any information to @MrStrategio.

You can also submit a report via Xbox one I believe.


Hmmm was that it? I saw assault go through the wall and it was this same guy (assault) that sent me the weird messages. I’m still confused lol


That would confuse me also. I could understand a guy on the team telling you about the cheater, but if he was the one doing the cheating…I don’t know, rubbing it in your face? I have no idea, the English is not clear enough. However, wall hacking, as I guess this is termed, has been a thing in the past. Mr Strategio probably already is working on fixes for the TU but it won’t hurt to give him your info and let him know you caught a wall hack or teleport in the act.


Yes, I am sure it was him going through the wall, assault, the same guy that sent me the weird messages. Only assault and medic alive then.

I agree with you, if assault was cheating, why would he send me a message? Makes no sense. That’s why I am confused. But if he was not cheating, what does “REPORT CHEAT WALL BOT” mean? Sounds a lot like “AIMBOT”.


The wall hacking you talk about, was done on PC or Xbox One too?


What platform were you on when this match took place?


I was on Xbox One.


OK, that actually helps narrow it down a lot. Did you save video of the event?


Ok, thanks. I just sent a PM to Mr. Strategio with the gamertag.

No, I didn’t save a video of the event. I only have all the messages he sent me and I sent him. After a while, he stopped replying. I asked him how did he go through a wall but he is now ignoring me.


This might mean there was a cheater on his team. Or he called you a cheater.

He filed his security report?

He works as security and will report something.

In general, I say bad English. I sure hope this guy isn’t security.


I’ve only seen one hacker and it was a invisible Lennox


That does not have to be a cheater, I have a friend that was playing medic, and he was invisible whe whole game without doing anything, it’s a very rare bug.


Oh well bug or whatever I lost points because of it.


I’m not sure if it was cheating or not. I’m not talking about invisibility. A player went through a very thick and big wall, which is not possible normally, that’s why I posted this, to see if someone can help me understand what happened.

I also thought of all those possibilities. Maybe a cheater on his team? But assault, who sent me the messages, was the one magically teleporting through 50 meters of thick wall. No sense calling me a cheater either, I never cheat, I despise cheating, it’s disgusting, obnoxious, cowadly, immature, childish. Once a cheater always a cheater.

His security report? Crazy English! Can he be more vague?

After that one, I asked him if he works for Turtle Rock Studios (maybe debugging the game I thought). As he talked about his “job”. But I think he does not work for TRS.

Bad English, I agree. Very very bad English. Sounds like he’s from another country and doesn’t know English that well.

What a mystery from Twilight Zone.


Do you think it could have been connection related? Did you notice if he had unusually high ping?