Is This Normally TRS?


Okay so I played as Griffen A LOT in the beta.
I managed to get at least 2 stars on everything and got close to 3 stars on harpoon elite (flying Kraken really helps).
I only got elite on 1 skill, and that is on sound spikes. The goal is to spot a level 1 monster X amount of times. It seemed me a lot, until I completed the challenge in 1 game.
Is that normal? Am I special?
Also :daisy:


Daisy for the win!


If there’s a sound spike in the area you’re fighting the monster you’ll get pings every second or so. I got the Griffin elite skin during the beta. The sound spike objective was also accomplished in a game or two for me.


Takes notes


No, I did it too. It’s piss easy because you only have to do it 20 times. That means if you trap a lvl 1 monster, put down a soudspike so you know where he is no matter where he hides in the dome like you should, you get it in one fight as the monster will take more than 20 steps in the dome.


Yeah, I felt it was too easy. I didn’t elite Griffin primarily due to the harpoon, but I got the sound spike in a single round


heh that 3rd star harpoon challenge said harpoon 80 times in mid air. I thought it meant MEEEE in mid air. not sure if i have that one recorded or not. but i was jumping on every poon lol. i looked retarded hahaha

anyways its a dumb final challenge too. basically fight a kraken and harpoon away. took me while because alot of ppl played goliath. i think a good final challenge would be landing harpoons outside of a dome. or land x amount of harpoons while the dome is coming down to trap the monster


Granted hitting Goliath midair is a nice challenge lol


try hitting goliath mid-air or mid leap strike…while mid air or falling off a ledge. thats what i was doing. or double jumping straight up then shooting haha. it was ridiculous.


Gonna have to re-match you when I’m ready :stuck_out_tongue: You’re CRAZY good at Griffin…that or I’m crazy bad at escape…


I don’t remember playing you as Griffin, Cabot yeah, but not Griffin.

Oh and thanks, nothing more satisfying than throwing the dome down then pooning a leaping Golitah in the back as they see the walls come down right in front of them.


No he’s crazy good alright xD There’s no escaping the harpoon train when Puggerugger is playing Griffin.