Is this considered cheating?


I love Slim. There’s no doubt about that. I love his playstyle, his kit, everything. What I do though, that may put me at an advantage compared to any other slim player, is that I have a special keyboard. One that allows me to assign keys to toggle on/off macros. In my case, I have a macro that when toggled to on, mashes my “4” key, until I turn it off. Using this, I can automatically pop my heal burst as soon as it’s ready, and all my focus can be on playing the rest of slim, without having to think about pressing 4 in the middle of a fight.

Does this seem as an unfair advantage to anybody?




I don’t think it matters, you’re potentially being inefficient with that way of doing things so it’s swings and round abouts.


I have no idea why they didn’t make the heal burst a toggle-able thing in the first place.
This isn’t supposed to sound aggressive, so don’t jump on me here:
When people have to make a macro to make playing a game comfortable, then the devs should have gone with a different approach.
At the very least, players who solve the problem for themselves shouldn’t be shamed for it.

Anyway, I’d suggest not using 1,2,3,4 for abilities and weapons, but rather re-binding it to something that doesn’t force you to take your fingers off WASD, like mouse thumb buttons if you have a mouse with those.


No. It’s just using a different keyboard. In fact, I’d see it as a disadvantage personally. If you forgot to turn it off, or you couldn’t switch it off quickly enough, you might end up wasting healing bursts. Which is bad.

It’s not hard to use the burst when it’s ready, it becomes rhythmic and instinctual after a minute or two. Especially when you map it to somewhere that’s not the “4” key, that’s a horrible place for it. I have mine on RMB.


Some people make macros because they perceive it gives them an edge. He doesn’t say it’s because it’s more comfortable he says it’s to get it out as fast as possible.

I also disagree that pressing the 4 button every 1-2(?) seconds is uncomfortable. When I play abe I empty my shotgun in a second switch to tracking dart fire a dart switch to shotgun empty it stasis grenade shotgun stasis grenade. It’s very similar to how Val plays a lot of switching and you probably have to switch between items on abe just as often as you hit the 4 key on slim. Val is less extreme but still involves a lot of switching if you want to do well.


I didn’t say switching weapons are uncomfortable, I said letting go of D to hit 4 for something that should have been an automatic/secondary fire is. It stops the flow. Changing to a different weapon does not, as you used as an example.


How is switching weapons (pressing 1 2 or 3) any different than pressing 4?


Basically, imagine having to press 4 for every time you wanted to aim down sight.
The heal burst is a part of the shotgun (or actually the other way around, considering you got access to the burst at all times, but that is besides the point), as opposed to example where you used Abe, where his stasis grenades are not a part of his shotgun, so switching your tool makes sense.

Another example, is that heal burst and slim’s shotgun goes hand in hand like Crow’s stasis guns rapid fire and the slower firing and longer lasting charged shot.
Imagine having to hit 4 every time you wanted to do fire a charged shot.


I disagree. If the heal burst was part of the shotgun it would be unique to the shotgun.

Not really it’s a different firing mode for crows stasis and KLR. The heal burst isn’t a firing mode of the leech gun.


I think he means that the healburst is so incorporated into Slim’s equipment that it genuinely feels like a part of it. And I agree. He’s the reason I have class ability mapped to RMB, and I know that a lot of people have remapped it for Slim.

Switching a weapon is different because it’s just a quick tap now and then or, if you’re a normal person, you’d just use the scrollwheel. Using the burst heal with Slim is very much different to that because it’s imperative to combat, dictates the flow of playing him and is extremely frequent.

In my experience, anyway.


I mean thats good and all that you remapped it so that you’re more comfortable but they shouldn’t make it auto or toggle and shouldn’t randomly change the buttons needed to press for class abilities. A player first picking up Slim and accidentally hitting right click and getting a HB would be confused as shit(if trs made it a secondary fire mode) because he’d be the only one who doesn’t press 4 for his class ability or has a secondary keybind for it.

When I play Abe I’m literally switching every time I empty my shotgun and I’m either darting or stasising and most of the time I’m close/fighting bob I empty my shotgun in under a second.