You remade your game. You want people to play it. The game has serious potential except for 2 MAJOR issues.

First off, Wraith is waaaaayyyyy too powerful. It’s completely impossible to beat a wraith who even has half of an idea what they are doing. Now I have heard that this is being addressed and he is being nerfed so that’s a positive.

The second SERIOUS issue is the sheer lack of reward for winning against a monster.
I just beat a level 3 gorgon and got… 50 silver coins. I did massive damage as assault and we won in what shaped up to be an incredible game… then you proceeded to reward my entire team (not just me) 50 silver keys each?

Can someone please explain to me how this is at all rewarding? This has happened to me several times now after beating a monster getting slapped in the face with no reward. Where is the incentive to keep playing your free to play game that relies on the farming of keys when you don’t get a damn thing for beating a rather difficult foe? This needs to be fixed immediately. I can understand not flooding us with keys, I can understand not rewarding me as much for losing, but winning and getting nothing is an absolute joke.


Normally if you win as a Hunter you gain at least 250 - 400 Silver keys

With a Monster I’ve onle one once but I had gotten 1,500 Silver Keys

If you had gotten 50 each then I’d assume a bug or you played Bots


The key system is still weird you can get so many keys one match and like none the next, weird "secret| challenges. Needs to be more abbreviated. And I think the title of this post should be changed because it is worth a quick glance. Wraith is getting changed in the near future which is awesome and the keys need to be a little consistent. Whether it is high or low…


I’ve come across 50 keys on a win (no bots) as well. I couldn’t tell you how or why. It’s just…wierd.


They are fixing it, no need to worry.

a bug probably


The big key rewards are from leveling your account or your characters, it seems. If you don’t hit one of those in a match, or it’s just a damn badge, then the rewards feel incredibly lackluster.


Levels do run out, though. If 50 cred is the norm, then we’re talking 120 matches to unlock one character, and many perks. (if you’re playing at max level and max char level).


It’s not serious, they may need to look into it, that is exactly why we are having a beta.

Thanks for submitting a problem.


Well… I see the points… But, you won. Your team won. You beat out a monster and had good time…!

Isn’t that a reward ?


Happiness and Joy is never a reward :stuck_out_tongue:


No. I am working toward getting better/unlocking better perks and characters. Rewarding is winning and getting a big payout for what I did. Did I have fun while beating Gorgon? Yes I did because he swings like a wild monkey man and he’s hard to kill. Am I salty that I basically got nothing for my efforts? Yes because we worked hard as hell to win and were basically given nothing. I bet gorgon got 1k silver keys.

Fix it :smiley:


False, you are having in account a level up ( or a couple) or some Mission reward. Right now, if you are not leveling up or something you get around 50 keys for winning a public match. Very depressing


May i ask what they are fixing and what exactly is OP about Wraith?


Very fast melee attack speed when he uses the slashyslashyslashy skill, That bolt across the map thing is annoying as hell. The ability for it to dash forward and grab a hunter, potentially getting someone it wouldn’t have been able to get simply because it got some height when it used is a bit buggered up. I’m not even including its ability to spawn a seemingly perfect copy of itself, which also seems to deal full, or close to full, damage.

All of those combined with EXTREMELY short cooldowns make Wraith really, really messed up to play against if the player behind the beast has an idea of what they are doing.

I mean, seriously. Its messed up, you got cooldowns which refresh at about the same speed it takes, AT LEVEL ONE, for it to go through the full round of skills. IE 1, then 2, then 3, then 4, and then you can already do 1 again. Meanwhile, anything else? You have to wait a second or two, making you this nice, fat sitting duck there.

Not to mention its mobility is utterly mindboggling. I’ve been tracking those things on nearly every trapper I can play (I’ve only got Abe and Crow at my access), and little bugger can jolt across the map faster than any Goliath, even a T3 one can.

The damage it does is outright messed up, not sure if I mentioned that.

So, Low as hell cooldowns, everything has crazy knockback which can easily pin nearly any hunter to a wall, medium-high-extremely high damage output, not to mention all of its moves allow it to deal some insane DPS as well, it is extremely fast, and very hard to get ahead of if the player has even the tiniest inkling of what they are doing, or has ANY of the feeding speed + perks equipped.

Yeah, it ain’t fun. I’ve seen more than a fair number of matches where someone’ll see Wraith or Kraken get selected and simply bail.


Yea, that ^



Decoy seems to do something close to 100% damage for “free.” That is, there’s no risk to use it whatsoever for the monster, who spawns a twin that deals damage for him without putting itself in harm’s way. This could be a reasonable skill, but the damage should probably be nowhere near what it is now. Wraith (and Gorgon) also have pretty drastic knockback/knockaround with fast melee strikes.

Cooldown also probably could be prolonged just a tiny bit. Mostly the broken aspect is the Decoy.


I agree with the mobility as someone who mains trapper the Wraith is the only monster I can’t slow down nor control at all.

The only thing I can do is detect the Wraith and that alone at the hands of a skilled team is enough, Wraith has extremely low Armor and HP.


Ah the new Decoy i dunno haven’t played against it.

But all the other aspects of him are as they were right?

If that’s the case then we are talking about new people not being able to defeat him.Because if the other aspects are the same Wraith used to be non-viable in competitive because of how easily he was dying.


Y’all need to get into ranked play. Play as wraith and see what happens when you start matching up with equally skilled hunters as you are with wraith. Then you’ll see how hard it is to win as wraith.