Is this amount of "Posts read" a record in a day?


I need to know!!! I might have made a record >.<

Well you beat me with my 2.3k.

@MidnightRoses has pretty much everyone beat.

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At what number? :open_mouth: my record :sob:

And @Shin, what a coincidence.

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Hard to check on mobile, but you can check the Users tab.

I scrolled really far darn it lol

I guess there is no way to determine your highest in a day CRAP

Hmm? :confused:

Both of you have a lot of posts read :stuck_out_tongue:

@Shin Do you think you might remember what your highest “Read Posts” number was?

I literally didn’t do anything else yesterday other than look at posts and reply O_O

All time posts read for me is 322.1k.


I forgot to add in the a day… In 1 day how many do you think?

I don’t check. ~shrugs~

xD lol Congratz on 322k hahaha

You can close this topic :slight_smile:

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