Is this a TRS member that I played with?


Insulting people for not knowing which game a random screen shot was taken, seems to be bad form.

So I was letting him know he wasn’t alone.

I never said I don’t like it. I’ve never played it.
A penny saved is a penny earned.


I’m going to be quite up front here.

This is a forum. A forum where we are all allowed to speak our opinions and discuss within the rules. Granted its all a little off topic, but this thread is about Overwatch, doesn’t matter if what is discussed is good or bad.

Technically speaking this thread shouldn’t even exist. We have a thread here already you could have posted this in. There is literally nothing to talk about other than a simple yes or no to your question.

This is a thread about Overwatch and I am still talking about it. I never got off the topic of Overwatch. You should have never made this thread in the first place as a thread already exists.

If I want to speak my opinion on the game, I and everyone else has every single right too. I personally think the game is garbage. You don’t like that? Get over it. You don’t have to agree with me and I don’t care if you do. What you can do is be civil about things. What you have done is just open everything up for argument by singling people out.

@XplosionIncorporated I played it. I didn’t like it.


This thread
one sec…


Its completely separate from overwatch discussion… All the person is asking is

God damn people… Stop making Mountain threads that no one reads… Also… Those of you that started the flame war… Chill… Lets get an extinguisher… and get back on topic.



Let’s calm down folks and let’s wait for the mystery to be solved. But yeah, if you want to keep discussing OW stuff, then go to the main thread, I guess Rapt just wants to know if he was lucky and actually played with an awesome TRS employee.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns to be true since I know that some people from TRS actually play it, like Tara :slight_smile:


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I do live under a rock, a rock called poverty, where i dont touch brand new games until about 6 months after there release. And i also do not watch gameplay or lets plays of games i would like to try for myself so that i do not glean an opinion on something that i havent gotten the chance to experiance for myself.
No harm done an you did not insult me (or my rock) for i have no feelings to hurt :wink:
@CptBoomBoom @SQUARENecron thanks for havin my back bro’s :slight_smile:
So did we find out if it was a TRS person?

Overwatch Post-Launch Thread

I decided I was upset with Overwatch because I was in the up and up when they teased it like, 2, 3 years ago? And it was “supposed” to be much different than it ended up being. They made different choices, changed it into a type of game I avoid, and I lost interest.

I lost interest and then I stopped keeping up with it. I wouldn’t have been able to peg what game it was from your screenie. Please don’t slight someone for not knowing, as they may not have your taste in games or the opportunity to play every game as it drops.

Thanks for your time (:


Hey the hatters!
It’s not because something is hyped that you have to hate it. If something is hyped, or I join the hype, or I don’t care. There’s nothing to be mad


Overwatch is bae… Mei is bae and I’m the best Junkrat flying style :tara_erg:




HeuHeu my flying Junkrat style is unique and people always question my Junkrat picks


I has no idea who dat is either tho. :slight_smile:


Maybe it was suppose to Tres but the “E” was takin or something? Could be First, Middle, Last Name, (ex. Turtle (First) Rock (Middle), Studios (Last))


My intent wasn’t to insult you. I apologize.


I don’t care if you liked it. Or if you didn’t. There’s a thread for you to talk about that. This is not that thread. Go there if you want to talk about the game. I’m simply asking if this person was from TRS. It’s clear they aren’t now. Your opinion on the game wasn’t necessary to the discussion at hand. But uh… Good job at defending a guy I wasn’t even trying to attack by stating your dislike for a video game?

@Buckets_Sentry_Gun, @TheMountainThatRoars, this thread’s question has been answered. Please lock it. :slight_smile:


Last good post is cat!


Nuhuh, sucka.