Is this a crazy idea


would anyone else think that if gobie carried crow around as his jet pack it would look weird as stated by but still cool

(I know this is crazy but it would be cool)


Huh? Why would Gobi even need a Jet pack? He is a batray, and Crow is a Human, I don’t think he can turn into a jetpack.


Im not meaning he turns into a jetpack :laughing: I meen he uses his wings too carry him (I know its crazy)


He’s saying that it’d be cool if Gobi carried Crow around in place of Crow’s jetpack. The wording was slightly confusing.

It’d look kinda weird in my opinion, especially when boosting a couple times. Plus when carrying things, birds tend to carry them below their bodies so… Gobi would have to carry Crow by his hair… and that’d just be weird.


that’s why I said it would be crazy


I know, I was joking around.


You know Gobi is the bird right? Crow is the human…


Not only would the animations have to be ridiculous, Gobi can be sent out to scout - what then? Crow is left grounded?


I didn’t say I worked out all of the prooooblems


yeah I know