Is this a bug? Help me


Hello, anyone can help me? Im New on Evolve i’ve bought the bundle one and it said there was hunting season 2 that mean u can use 4 latest hunter and gorgon monster, but when i try to use it, it Locked and said available on store. But when i check it, it already installed, anyone can help me?


Try to buy it again, it should tell you that you already have it and it will proceed to redownload it.

If it takes you to the payment confirmation page, then don’t do it.


Sometimes if you go into game too quickly, the lock screen stays up. Just turn the game off and on again, and it should show up!

Try it after verifying what Buckets_Sentry_Gun said.


Which system are you on?

I know on XB1 you need to go into the “Manage Game” section and scroll right, where you can see the “ready to install” column. It makes you manually install the characters before they show up in the game.


Should i delete the game first? You know that we cant download it when we already had the game, btw thx for answer

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On ps4 sir, yeah but on ps4 i think i should delete and redownload all

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Okey sir thaanks i will try it


What sentry meant by ‘try to buy it again’ was go to the in-game store and click on whichever characters/dlc you are missing. It should say that you already own the content and will prompt you to install said content. If it takes you to the payment page then don’t continue.

Did Takran’s suggestion work in the end?

Also, welcome to the forum, I’d recommend giving this topic a read to help understand what’s what around here.

I hope you’re here to stay. :slight_smile:


I already delete it and try to redownload but it still Locked i only could play hunting season 1 adds on,i buy the bundel so when i checked the store in game the prize is 0Dollar, but when i clicked it it said error, then i check the ps store it said that i already installed the adds on but in game it said Locked and i couldnt play it, i didnt know what i suppose to do to make it work