Is there such as thing as an ergonomic gaming mouse?



I love to game, and spend around 6 hours a day doing it. Thing is, recently Ive began noticing pain in my wrist after a long session of gaming. It goes away after a good night sleep, but still worried. is there any good gaming mouse that’s also ergonomic? I play first person shooters mostly.



Didn’t you just get one?


That last sentence is sorta weird.

This…Isn’t a bot is it?

No offense if human lol


Haha not a bot, just need more suggestions. The Logitech one is good but I find the dpi to be too low.


You quoted from the 2 year old thread, but didn’t lock it? Smh Mountain.


Post was from 3 days ago, I could lock it and trigger a notification or let it die in peace. :stuck_out_tongue:


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