Is there some kind of camera hack or exploit going around?


Everytime I play the monster and someone with a high win streak comes up my camera zooms to the back of the monsters head so I can not see anything and I have to blindly use my skills. Is there some kind of hack that causes this in which the high win streak hunters are using?


That certainly sounds fishy.

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It is. When it first happened I just brushed it off thinking it was a button I pressed but it happened three times today when I had a hunter with a 20+ win streak when I played as the monster so there must be something going around.


This is the primary reason I don’t do PC gaming. I know cheaters run across all platforms but PC games seem to run rampant. Why cheat at a game in the first place when it undermines everyone’s fun?


If you can get a video of it happening that would really help the devs out.


Because they are selfish jerks who care about winning, and they will do anything to win.


I will try if it happens again but all that happens is what I described really.


Would greatly appreciate a video @DarkEvE Thanks.


This literally happened to me TWICE in a row, in the last 10 minutes. First game I thought it was a bug that got triggered as the game was loading as I was alt-tabbed, then I was careful to avoid that in the 2nd one. NOPE

My camera got messed up again. I do have a feeling this ain’t a bug.