Is there no Challenge for the weekend of 2/19/16?


Since we’ve been having a Community Challenge every other weekend I thought that we’d have another one this weekend but usually it would’ve been posted by now. Are we not having a Challenge this weekend?

Evolve Livestream - Next Date TBD @ 12PM PST

just wait till tommorow


No challenge this weekend


Wow…that would be the first time, right? Very unusual…


It’s the Create your own challenge skin weekend :stuck_out_tongue:


There have been a few times when there wasn’t a challenge, usually when TRS is too busy at work.


I wonder who’s skin they are doing


We got four skins last challenge. I think we’re good for this week.


Noooooo, we need more skins


No challenge this weekend unfortunately, sorry guys and gals.


I really want a purple skin for monsters I know jellyfish is pretty close but I need more a giant purple rainbow


We have cosmic though


but that’s pink :frowning:


Oh yeah ur right. Carry on in ur fantasy then


it would be kinda scary to see a giant purple monster jump above you breathing fire


I want black skins


wraith is gonna get one


Orca skin for the win


is it gonna be free like poison frog(hulk)


I don’t know