Is there Going to be anything added to Hunt 2.0 Soon?


hunt 2.0 is good but its something you play for literally no reward at all, I get 1 point for a win, I lose Connection and always seems to happen when I gain some ground and never happened once whilst losing badly, Murphys law I know but I then get a loss, my only incentive to play if for the fun parts in the game and the battles and stuff but I lose connection after running for a good while and planning things carefully trying to recover from other losses and the win you almost have is taken out from under your feet, you dont only lose a win you also gain a loss in your win/lose ratio, I think the mode is cool but could really do with some incentives, Like what is the point in putting so much effort into the game and getting nothing in return, You dont get new badges you dont get new skins to battle toward,

I will give an example of 2 games that a lot of people play, GTAV and Call of Duty games, both can be boring as hell and very repetitive and unchallenging compared to Evolve, But people keep going back and playing these games and they are popular, one good reason is in gta you earn money and buy stupid stuff you dont need, in COD you fight and level up and get skins for ammo and new guns and stuff, With Evolve my only rewards as far as I can tell in 2.0 is points and win/lose ratio, game gets disconnected my win/lose ration takes the brunt, although it shouldnt, people work really hard as monster to only lose thanks to a connection error,

I know its hard to tell if someone is cheating and disconnecting on purpose as apposed to actual disconnections, it needs to be weighed up how many people you think would bother disconnecting and those who actually lose connection, finally coralled assault into a corner away from the beacons and boom goliath freezes up,

If there was another incentive to play like a skin or badge at every milestone you reach then this would bother me so much as I would be after points and win or lose points is your own doing