Is there damage drop off in the game


So for hunters, when firing say a gun, the farther you are, does the damage decrease?

Just wondering…


No, I don’t believe there is.


There isn’t drop off damage because they said they didn’t want to confuse players (something along those lines anyway).


Nope. It stays the same.


Nope, early in development there used to be. But they soon found out it was more fun and better for the hunters to be able to shoot consistently at any range.
They did however made it so that some weapons have a binary-drop off, meaning that after a certain distance it won’t do any damage at all.


Assuming you’re talking about bullets: no. Bullets always do full damage at any range, but not everything is a bullet. Some weapons like Hank’s Laser Cutter or Markov’s Lightning Gun have a maximum range. While it may appear that it’s firing further than that, it just stops at 100. The conical explosion that forms when Cabot’s railgun hits an object is only 40 meters long. Some explosive weapons don’t deal full damage at the edge of their blast radius, so if you mostly miss with some explosive weapons you won’t deal as much damage as you might have with a direct hit. Shotgun weapons will spread more as distance increases, but they do have a maximum spread value.


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