Is there anyway to see which specific trappers i am playing against in game?


Like is there a menu i can bring up where it shows that im playing against a laz or a griffin? sometimes i forget after character select and as a monster player its vital to strategy to know what team comp you are playing against. so is there a way to tell? if there isn’t, why not?


Lazarus is a medic, not a trapper.


As for your question, you should be able to see who you are going against pre-match, but there is no menu during the match that I know of.


there should be


If you join a game in progress, or if the trapper joins late enough in the lobby, you may not see who you are facing, which is a significant handicap for the monster. It’s slightly annoying for the hunters, but tracks are usually enough to identify the monster, and if you joined in progress, just ask your mates.

I’m sure it would not be exceedingly hard to replace the class info in the tab menu with the actual hunters/monster names.

I don’t need to have “trapper” written under the green icon, but having crow, griffin, abe … or Daisy :smiley: would be great.


Yeah that would be an easy fix


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