Is there anybody who have computer shut down problems?

my laptop is alienware 17 which have gtx780m
and with ultra option, it runs very well and clear.
but after 14hours play , my laptop got suddenly shut down problem during play evolve, and it became serious issue. had to bring to repair shop for this . cause thought my grahpic card is gone. but repair shop said my hardware has no problem and it was cuz of viruses or something. he said he can’t find any issue about hardware. now it works again. but my laptop just got shut down again during play as a monster.
anybody have same problem with mine?

i’ve had no problem with running witcher 3 with high option for few hours. but this game made my laptop shut down after play 20mins. passed 3d bench mark test. dell grahpic card stress test. but i don’t know what is wrong with running this game.
seriously so mad

  • my laptop just totally shut down after play like 5mins now. And of course I didn’t play 14hours straight. And I had no problem with my laptop so far before I started to play evolve. But this game made my laptop shutdown for first time and after that , every game started to makes laptop shutdown if it makes grahpic card over 60 degree. But after I brought to repair shop , they cleand my laptop and wiped my hard cuz of viruses . And now , other all games started to work well again. So I thought I can play evolve like other games but well… I Got shutdown again . :(… again… even I repaired.

basic spec is cpu : i7 4900mq
ram : 16g
vga: geforce gtx 780m

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