Is there any way that i can play the game before launch?


I realy didn’t get a chance to play evolve when the alfa got released on steam (I read that you had to own a copy of any Xcom game) so i never got a chance to try out the game and I think I have been just lurking on forums and YouTube for about 48+ hours (if there is any way I can play the game or just been preparing for launch with information).


There’s the Beta in Jan… This month. :smile:
You can read about it here…

… And here.


But if I play on PC will the beta still apply to me? and is it 100% that I get in if I have pre-ordered the game?


Nvm my last text I just read that you will have acces if you had acces to the alfa or you you own Bioshock Infinite or Left 4 Dead on steam (does it work if I own Left 4 Dead 2?)


No. It has to be the first game.


100% sure?


Yes, buy Left 4 Dead 1! and enjoy the beta. It’s too cheap. :blush:


okay then :slight_smile: thx for info!


I have a similar question to this, so I’m just going to post it here.

I was able to sign into the Big Alpha because my brother and I share games on steam and he had X-Com.

Does that count towards being in the Big Alpha as far as entry goes?


How long will the beta be up for?


The beta will be up for a couple days over the weekend.

Since most of these questions are in the beta thread, am I good to close this one down? Just to reduce redundancy.

For more Beta information, check out this thread (also stated above):

XB1 Open Beta (15th Jan) //// PC/PS4 Technical Test (16th/17th Jan) to


Yes, you should do that.