Is there any way of 'reposting?'


I have some really cool topics to post (at least I like to think so) but sometimes they just sink into the forums without so much as a single reply. Is there any way to “refresh” a post?

Hope I don’t sound too whiny here but when I spend a lot of time on a detailed post that only gets 1 or 2 replies, it makes me sad :cry:


I think you have to UP by replying on your own topic, I don’t know if it is authorized but that’s a solution


Saw somebody bump their thread with a reply the other day. It probably won’t be frowned upon if you use it with discretion, though I’d recommend only doing it with topics that haven’t gotten a decent amount of discussion yet.

You could link them here but I don’t guarantee reading them. Think I’ve already seen a couple of them and just skimmed through the first posts. Well written but I’m very picky about topic (and making sure I have something worthwhile to add, actually it’s mostly just this).