Is there any way how to get my money back?

I bought this game on Steam, but I am not happy with it ( poor matchmaking, lack of content - mostly modes, extremly expensive prices for monsters or hunters (15$ for 1 monster…wow… Killing comunity even faster) etc… )

I know I will get “bashed” by fans, but whatever.
I am asking for serious help/advice , if there is any possibility how to return game back to Steam and if they can give me back my money or change it for another game ?
I know it works that way in shops.

@MacMan or if you have a different idea of refunding I will be very grateful.
Thank you

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You’ll probably have to speak to Steam about that.


I’m not gonna bash on you, but here’s a tip for the future.

Before buying a game, you should look deeply into it so you know what you’re buying. Always make sure you know what you want, so this doesn’t happen.


I have already wrote “ticket”( or how it is called) to Steam but no response for 3 days, so I am trying my luck here.
But thx for advice

First of all, returning a game that is still under development because of lack of content is somewhat counter-intuitive… More stuff is coming! as well as matchmaking fixes.

Besides that, you are VERY unlikely to receive a refund from steam because you “Don’t like the game”
They have a no refund policy anyways so…

Sorry, out of luck. You can always ask I guess.


Yep I tought I know what I was buying…

I thought that TRS is skilled company, but as I am playing Evolve for 1 week, I can see it is still unfinished game , and with player base decreasing pretty fast , which I really wasnt expecting…

Maybe few months later if TRS and 2K will put more modes to the games and fix matchmaking etc… And there will be outstanding playerbase , I will buy Evolve back again, but now… Disapointed …

But also thx for advice I will have that on my mind in future when buying game.

no offense but nearly all those issues could have been avoided if you did some research about the product you are spending money on. personally i think you should just accept the loss and learn from it.

How long have you had it now? You can ask steam Is the only way, but if its been a few weeks you may be out of luck.

I did, but for exampleX who could know that matchmaking will be that bad…
But yes probably I wasnt researching “deep” enough, my bad I know.

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well you can contact steam, they probably wont do it. then you can contact credit card company, they will perform a charge back, steam will then ban your account. you can contact BBB and they might be able to get Valve to refund you without banning your account.

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I just want return product that isnt finished , because honestly it isnt.

When more modes will be and still a decent playerbase,I would love to play again. But till then, not worth my money.

Well, at least customer support is better here than on Steam :smiley:

1 week and 2 days aproximately, and waiting for steam to response

Yep ok, I will try everything.
Once again, ty

Should have bought it on console, it still has a pretty decent player base! Especially XB1
TRS was also pretty up front about the modes the game would have, they’ve never said anything misleading about that :smile:

Yeah you still might be able to get a refund from steam, but they do not make it easy. All you can really do is wait, or get a hold of your bank maybe.

Steam doesn’t do refunds at all (except pre-order stuff, but yeah), its in that little agreement thing you have to check when purchasing an item, so sorry but i think you’re stuck with it :grimacing:

Well I have PS1 :smiley: so I am not a console player.
Yep I know , but honestly only 2 modes that people play are Hunt and Defense ( only at the end of evac) .
The Nest and Rescuse are broken IMO

Since you had it for over a week I guess your odds are about 1/100 to get something from steam. Keep busting their balls and maybe you will be the one person out of 100 that gets a refund after playing a game for over a week.

why do people think they can get refunds on software? those times are +10 years gone. i´d like to return Borderlands 3, which is basically Borderlands 2 with other chars (guess who marketed that garbage… oh 2K) Played it for 6 hours, paid 50€… thats 8€/hour. The money does not hurt me, but the thought that they get paid for basically nothing sucks.

or Beyond Earth. That at least i played 30 hours… which is nothing for a civ game. This was civ5 vanilla with extraterrestrial textures… and the same frickin bugs as civ5 prepatch. What a shameless ripoff.

Sadly Evolvo feels the same right now, but i have hope that this will be decent after 2 patches. I have hope (and 150hours playtime)


If you plan on getting it again later… Why tf do you want to get rid of it? It isn’t costing you any more money just having it in your library… And the game is complete as is, it just might be a little scarce for content (If you are picky anyways)