Is there any possibility that Evolve won't have DLCs?


I know that TRS is a company and companies needs money. I totally understand that, but I am little sad about the way the game will give us new content. TRS is really great studio for me and as far as I’ve read the forums I’ve understood that they really care about their game and about the community they are making and that’s day by day growing. All their ideas seemed smart and awesome but the idea with DLCs a bit ruins it’s reputation because people have in head that when there are DLCs that actually add some content then the game is bad. I won’t mention producers that are forcing studios to do it.

I am going to buy Evolve anyway because I am so hyped for this game even if it would cost 100 dollars and I am going to buy even those DLCs because I want to support the TRS with all my money I can spend, but then a day where I will be out of money might come (I am still a student so my money supply is limited) and even to the fact I am having tons of fun with Evolve I would be a bit sad that I cannot buy another pack of even more fun from the most awesome studio in America.

So I am asking you if there is any chance that Evolve will be without DLCs and will be supplied by more content that we can play with? Have you considered other options of making a stable profit or have you chosen the DLC option because it is the most save way and you already have experience with that thanks to L4D. Is there any possibility that if the game will be successfull then you would delete all the dlcs (I had a idea today for people who have bought DLC and then you would make then accessible for everyone. The idea is that they would play lets say 5 matches and you would get a random skin of a value based on how well you played or how many times you won).

It’s good to see a good developer studio on the market. Keep it up guys and good luck!


The game will feature free new content:

New maps will be free.

And if there is a new monster out, you can still fight it as a hunter, you don’t have to buy him. And vica versa for new hunters when you are a monster player.


They’ve already announced the DLC plan and honestly DLC is becoming too synonymous with “terrible greedy company strategy to milk more money out of consumers”. It’s just not that black and white. They plan on releasing further maps and game modes for everyone for free. They plan to release further sets of hunters and monster which can be bought and used or ignored and they will just show up in your game vs you if people have purchased them. You are not segregated from others if you choose to spend $60 and are happy with the value received.

In order for a game company to continue developing content they either need to continuously sell games to new users, have a subscription, or sell further portions of the game. The fact of the matter is that the people who make new maps and characters at TRS are people who get paychecks. Developing new content costs the company money and people acting entitled to production from a game company simply because they bought the game’s original release version is unfair to the developer.

If EA has shitty microtransactions that you don’t like then hate on them for that. TRS selling you more of the same quality stuff you originally would dump money into no problem shouldn’t be seen as shady. They make product in order to sell it to consumers and it’s as simple as that. If they can’t make future revenue they have to switch gears into developing the next item in the pipeline before money runs out. If you don’t like/want it then just don’t buy it. It’s like buying an expansion pack for 30 dollars down the line but in parts that you can choose.


Yeah man don’t worry you ain’t the only one feeling that way.I’ve never also bought a DLC in my life.But honestly,you don’t need in Evolve.You will be able to play against DLC monster or DLC hunters.Only against tho but still its pretty epic.Maps will be free anyway.So yeah even if i dont like DLC i have no problem with how TRS are dealing with it.Evolve DLC might be the first one i ever buy(just like first time pre-ordering)but i will do it 1st,only if i like the new Monster they will provide me 2nd, to support the game to go a long way.
Bottom line dude you don’t have to care about the DLC at all.Its not like battlefield that seperates the game.You will still be able to play with people who own the DLC.I like that and i approve that


From the Pre-Order bonuses, it seems like you can get another skin for the Goliath. This leads me to think they will at least have different skins you can get in DLC packs like in Primal Carnage. Other than that, I think all maps are playable and all monsters/hunters are able to be unlocked through playing the game.


Nop.DLC will be all about buying Monsters and Hunters.If you pre-order you except that 1 skin you get the first DLC released for Free.That’s all


i think a better idea would be that ppl can either BUY monsters/hunters with real life money or they could buy with a sort of “game coins” (ofc the second would need a lot more). So that ppl who play a lot are able to unlock this stuff just like other games. U guys can say “oh its only xx dolars” yeah but u gotta remember not everyone pays in dollars, and stuff tends to be twice the price where i live… now imagine u paying 120 dolars for the game + maybe 40 for each mosnter/hunter.


@Laio_Zatt Cool idea; they did this kind of thing in Assassin’s Creed MP, although you couldn’t outright buy DLC characters, but the earned in-game currency was used for skins and stuff like that.


But the whole point is.Even if it is expensive for some,you don’t even have to buy it.DLC people wont have an advantage over you.At least that’s the way i see it.


@JuiceFan1998 I’m totally with you on this. Maybe I just tend to see the positive side of things, but if there was no such thing as DLC, we would never even know the difference. Any DLC content would just have been good ideas that never came to fruition…and we’d have the base game, and that would be that.
DLC promotes play longevity in ways that were never possible before, and allows us to experience new things with games we love. And nobody has to buy anything they don’t want to buy…DLC is awesome, in my eyes. :thumbsup:


I don’t believe that DLC = Greedy. In fact, most DLC is fairly decent and benign. The words that denote greedy is First Day DLC and Exclusive DLC. Those are terrible and whoever thought of them should be shot in the stomach and rolled around in a chemical fire for a few hours.


ur kidding right? I didnt say anything about advantage, but do u expect ppl to pay 60 (or 120 in my case) to have 1/3 of monsters/hunters? its like paying 120 for borderlands pre sequel and only have acess to 1 or 2 characters lol… if im gonna buy the game i want it all, not 50% of it o.o, did u ever wander why at almost every f2p games u can buy stuff (as skins) while at p2p games u almost always get everything… i will have to work a full month just to buy the game+dlcs if its like that. it will be like 5x the price of borderlands for example.


To be honest most DLC nowadays is just a cash grab. It really depends on what type of content you get from DLC.

While I almost hate DLC or rarely ever even buy it, Evolve’s DLC will be new characters and monsters which is content I’m actually looking into purchasing if they’re designed well, on top of that new maps will be free for everyone which is excellent.

Most competitors will charge money for maps which is plain stupid, because it fragments the community and Battlefield is one of the games guilty of that, I can’t even join a server if it has one DLC one in rotation even if the rest of them are base game maps.


Dunno about “people” but i will.Let me clarify that i aim on playing the monster only.If a DLC comes along and bring a FUCKING EPIC monster i’ll buy it :slight_smile: .If not i wont.If i dont like the monster i wont buy ANY of the DLC.Why would i care for people that have 10 monsters and 50 hunters while i only have 5 and 25.If i don’t plan on playing 3 of the DLC monsters/hunters why would i even care for buying them?Because other people have them and i don’t?


So how about if you don’t like the third Monster? xD


Ok i see your point, but the fact for me is that if im gonna play it, i wanna experience every monster/hunter even if i dont like them that much, and i dont see why cant we buy stuff with in-game coins. Dota 2 and LoL have grown LARGE and RICH without forcing anyone to spend like 300 dolars at the game.


the DLC debates never end…this is topic number…5 now? maybe 6 XD


Yeah i don’t bring up the MOBAS because they are such different games :D.I get your point and i understand it.As i said i hate DLC myself but i really never cared about them also.Also we still don’t know the price of the DLC’s so that’s another reason we shouldn’t be debating about them already.

I have found my love on Kraken.I’ll try Goliath aswell for the lulz but still…Kraken all the way.So i don’t care about the 3rd monster anyway.I


Are you sure? You never know until it’s revealed and you could change your mind!

I mean, Bucket is still my favourite and yet we have four more Hunters yet to be revealed and it could turn out that I like the one of them better!

Which I am hoping isn’t the case! :frowning:


Well, ive seen a lot of ppl goin “i wont buy this game anymore” just becuz they said we would have to buy the game + DLCs for each monster/hunter, ill say that atleast 1/3 of the ppl who would buy the game, isnt goin anymore. Take a look at this: ppl is really mad…