Is there any depth or story being planned for Evolve?


The hunting and monstering is all fun and everything but I just feel like evolve has the potential to have some sort of depth and story to it. The characters should have back stories about their origins and how they became one of the worlds best hunters. The monsters non of us have a clue what they are or where they came from ? I’ve read rumours about the monsters being artificially made and another one stating that the monsters actually inhibit the planet and the humans are trying to destroy them to create a new planet to live on (humans being the capitalists as we are).

Even a campaign mode being the hunter or monster would be awesome! What do you guys think?


they already have.


There’s a ton of official fiction written for the game already.


He means within the game itself.

To your question dude, I don’t think they will. Much like league of legends you’ll have to come out of game and search online for this games story and background.

I also believed it’s unfinished or at least a work in progress! Keep up to date and I hope, much like yourself, they’ll inplement an In game function to further immerse the hunting experience!


Here, enjoy:


They said the story is gonna be revealed in much the same way that L4D did, i.e. conversations between the hunters


This game is built from the ground up to be arena deathmatch. There’s no room for a story mode, so no, story will only be revealed ingame through dialog as it already is.


I don’t know about you, but I cry every time when I hear about Slim’s time in the war.


I guess, but there’s definitely room for story.
Even as he said, small little windows of concept art explaining the characters.
Admittedly it’s not turtle rocks thing. But it’s still a nice idea.

Loosen up a little. This is an open discussion.

I could say Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and Killer instincts are all built from ground up fighting games… But they still have story and character bios.

It’s game developers choice, not the Games overall design and genre that stops it’s potential for story telling >.<


And when Parnell says to Bucket that all of them are going to die one day and he asks Bucket what he’s going to do when Abe is gone… To which Bucket replies, “I don’t like to think about it.” :cry:


Are you sure you don’t mean Cabot?
Abe is Parnell friend.
Cabot is Buckets friend.


Yeah, I meant Cabot lol.


galaxy’s best hunters.
and they already have backstories. check out @Matthew 's short stories and listen to the dropship conversations.


L4D, story, lel


Exactly the games still new so it would need a story for it to remain entertaining the way games like tekken did