Is there any content I need to be aware of in preperation for "Stage 2" if it hits consoles?


By this I mean items such as emblems/skins/etc that I should be working to unlock now because they won’t be obtainable in the future?

I know everyone looses their elite skins so there’s no point in grinding out the rest of my hunters for the skins. I’ve heard people saying they’ve lost their emblems, soooo I guess I don’t have to worry about that. I read that they removed the achievements from the PC version in the update, so I guess I should finish those off as a collector before they go poof… I’m just trying to look at this terrible news as positively as I can, now I have time to tie up loose ends instead of having the update dropped on me so I can’t unlock all the booty.

So, is there anything I should be doing?


Oh, except for the hunter’s quest stuff I guess. Unless they decide to re-release it.